QUESTION 191 Which of the following includes verifying that the project scope was satisfied and lessons learned are updated once the product has been accepted by the customer?   A. Fast tracking B. Risk retirement C. Project closure D. Post mortem analysis   Correct Answer: C     QUESTION 192 Which of the following is the status of an active project with an SPI of 1.1 and a CPI of .9?   A. Behind schedule, and over budget B. Ahead of schedule, and under Read more [...]
QUESTION 181 The current project manager is developing a report for the stakeholders to approve building a house during the winter months. Which of the following should be done to ensure the stakeholders are aware of any potential outcomes?   A. Identify potential variances B. Manage costs within budget C. Monitor work performance D. Analyze probability and impact   Correct Answer: D         QUESTION 182 A project manager is preparing to start another project Read more [...]
QUESTION 171 Which of the following conflict management techniques is represented by making concessions to maintain team harmony?   A. Smoothing B. Negotiating C. Collaborating D. Avoiding   Correct Answer: A     QUESTION 172 The project manager of a large-scale project is conducting, participating in, and taking the minutes of the weekly tea m meeting. At the end of each meeting, the project manager realizes that there are agenda items that were not addressed and Read more [...]
QUESTION 161 Which of the following components of the risk management plan allows for the prioritization of risks for further analysis?   A. RACI matrix B. Probability impact matrix C. Impact analysis D. Risk register   Correct Answer: B     QUESTION 162 Which of the following project charter components will identify significant events leadin g to completion of the project?   A. Cost estimates B. Milestones C. Objectives D. Assumptions   Correct Read more [...]
QUESTION 151 A project is generating a lot of concern from team members who feel they do not know what customers want. This issue could have been prevented by including which of the following activities in the project kick-off meeting?   A. Define the business risks B. Define roles and responsibilities C. Define stakeholder expectations D. Define high level timeline   Correct Answer: C       QUESTION 152 Which of the following organizational types allows the Read more [...]
QUESTION 141 A defect in an application code is observed and documented in the middle of a project. The defect is noted as a security risk and requires immediate action. Who is responsible for approving the required fix?   A. Contracting officer B. Lead developer C. Change control board D. Risk management team   Correct Answer: C     QUESTION 142 Which of the following are valid conflict resolution techniques?   A. Smoothing, forcing, compromising, avoiding, Read more [...]
QUESTION 131 Which of the following is the BEST indicator of project performance?   A. Earned value management B. Critical chain method C. Critical path method D. Return on investment   Correct Answer: A     QUESTION 132 Which of the following includes validating the project charter and introducing key members of the team?   A. Kick-off meeting B. Stakeholder register C. Team-building event D. Communications plan   Correct Answer: A   Read more [...]
QUESTION 121 While working on a project, one of the previously recognized threats occurred. In addition to updating the risk register, which of the following documents should be updated?   A. Communication plan B. WBS C. Issue log D. Project schedule   Correct Answer: C     QUESTION 122 A key stakeholder calls the project manager and asks to include an enhancement to the product which should be simple to implement. If the project manager agrees to this enhancement, Read more [...]
QUESTION 111 Although a needed item can be made in-house, it has been determined that it will be procured. Since the scope is well-defined, which of the following procurement documents should be used and which contract type should result?   A. Request for proposal, and cost plus contract B. Request for quote, and time and material contract C. Request for bid, and fixed price contract D. Request for information, and unit price contract   Correct Answer: C     QUESTION Read more [...]
QUESTION 101 During project implementation of combining two database servers into a single server, it is discovered that the database support contract is not going to be renewed at the end of the current fiscal year. The project is scheduled to start in the current fiscal year and will be carried over to the next fiscal year to split funding. Which of the following components of a project plan is affected and which action should be taken?   A. Issues log and initiate change control B. Read more [...]