Question 291 As part of unified communications services, Question oS must be implemented. DSCP and CoS map to which of the following OSI layers? (Select TWO)   A. Layer 1 B. Layer 2 C. Layer 3 D. Layer 4 E. Layer 5 Correct Answer: BC     Question 292 A technician is troubleshooting a newly installed WAP that is sporadically dropping connections to devices on the network. Which of the following should the technician check FIRST?   A. WAP placement B. Encryption type C. Bandwidth Read more [...]
Question 281 Ann, a network technician is preparing to configure a company's network. She has installed a firewall to allow for an internal DMZ and external network. No hosts on the internal network should be directly accessible by IP address from the internet, but they should be able to communicate with remote networks after receiving a proper IP address. Which of the following is an addressing scheme that will work in this situation?   A. Teredo tunneling B. Private C. APIPA D. Classless Correct Read more [...]
Question 271 A technician has completed a survey of a wireless network and documented signal strengths. This document is known as which of the following?   A. Logical Network map B. Heat map C. Network baseline D. Bandwidth survey Correct Answer: B     Question 272 A network technician must allow use of HTTP from the internet to an internal resource running HTTP. This is an example of which of the following?   A. Dynamic DNS B. Virtual Private networking (VPN) C. Dynamic NAT D. Read more [...]
Question 261 Which of the following types of equipment should be used for telecommunications equipment and have an open design?   A. 2/4 post racks   B. Rail Racks C. Vertical frame D. Ladder racks Correct Answer: A     Question 262 A facility would like to verify each individual's identity prior to allowing access to the datacenter. Additionally,the facility would like to ensure that users do not tailgate behind other users. Which of the following would BEST meet these goals? Read more [...]
Question 251 A client is concerned about a hacker compromising a network in order to gain access to confidential research data. Which of the following could be implemented to redirect any attackers on the network?   A. DMZ B. Content Filter C. Botnet D. Honeypot Correct Answer: D     Question 252 A technician installs a new WAP and users in the area begin to report poor performance. The technician uses a ping and 3 of 5 packets respond. Testing from a wired connection shows 5 of 5 Read more [...]
Question 241 A client is receiving certificate errors in other languages when trying to access the company's main intranet site. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?   A. DoS B. Reflective DNS C. Man-in-the-middle D. ARP poisoning Correct Answer: C     Question 242 A technician add memory to a router, but that memory is never recognized by the router. The router is then powered down, and the technician relocates all of the memory to different modules. On startup, the router Read more [...]
Question 231 Which of the following integrity security mechanisms ensures that a sent message has been received intact, by the intended receiver?   A. IPSEC B. SHA C. DES D. CRC Correct Answer: A     Question 232 A technician installs a new piece of hardware and now needs to add the device to the network management tool database. However, when adding the device to the tool using SNMP credentials, the tool cannot successfully interpret the results. Which of the following would need Read more [...]
Question 221 A new threat is hiding traffic by sending TLS-encrypted traffic outbound over random ports. Which of the following technologies would be able to detect and block this traffic?   A. Intrusion detection system B. Application aware firewall C. Stateful packet inspection D. Stateless packet inspection Correct Answer: C     Question 222 The network administrator is configuring a switch port for a file server with a dual NIC. The file server needs to be configured for redundancy Read more [...]
Question 211 A technician has determined the most likely cause of an issue and implement a solution. Which of the following is the NEXT step that should be taken?   A. Document the findings, actions, and outcomes B. Duplicate the problem if possible C. Verify system functionality D. Make an archival backup Correct Answer: C     Question 212 An administrator has a physical server with a single NIC. The server needs to deploy two virtual machines. Each virtual machine needs two NIC's, Read more [...]
Question 201 Users are reporting extreme slowness across the network every Friday. Which of the following should the network technician review first to narrow down the root cause of the problem?   A. Baseline B. Bottleneck C. Utilization D. Link status Correct Answer: C     Question 202 A contractor was hired to troubleshoot congestion issues on the network. After a few of the switches have been reconfigured/upgraded by the contractor, congestion worsens and collisions increase. Which Read more [...]