QUESTION 301 An administrator attempts to create a custom role for additional administrators of a View 5.x environment, but finds they cannot modify administrator permissions. Attempting to troubleshoot the problem, the administrator tries to run vdmadmin, but finds they are unable to do so. Which two statements explain the issue the administrator is experiencing? (Choose two.)   A. The administrator's role is not assigned to the root folder. B. The administrator does not Read more [...]
  QUESTION 291 Which three services should be disabled to optimize performance on a linked clone desktop? (Choose three.)   A. Windows Update Service B. Windows System Restore C. Windows User Profile Service D. Windows Diagnostic Policy Service E. Windows Driver Foundation Service   Correct Answer: ABD         QUESTION 292 An administrator is preparing a new desktop source for a linked clone pool. What are the two minimum software packages that Read more [...]
  QUESTION 281 A company has 50 Mac OS clients and would like to leverage them for visiting contractors and employees to gain access into View. Which two types of View pools should be provisioned? (Choose two.)   A. Windows 7 manual pool leveraging PCoIP B. Terminal Services pool leveraging PCoIP C. Terminal Services pool leveraging RDP D. Windows XP automated pool leveraging RDP   Correct Answer: CD     QUESTION 282 An administrator must create a pool for a Read more [...]
  QUESTION 271 An administrator installing the View environment is informed that RSA SecurID authentication is required for secure connections. Which two considerations should be taken into account when configuring the View environment? (Choose two.)   A. Individual View Connection Servers in the same environment can use different user authentication methods. B. RSA SecurID requires installation of software on the View Connection Server host and modification of View Connection Server Read more [...]
  QUESTION 261 Which two parameters must be configured to allow connections to a View environment using both PCoIP and RDP display protocols? (Choose two.)   A. External URL B. RDP External URL C. PCoIP External URL D. External Gateway URL   Correct Answer: AC     QUESTION 262 Which two properties must be set in the file to enable a Security Server to use a third-party SSL certificate? (Choose two.)   A. keyfile B. keypass C. Read more [...]
  QUESTION 251 Which two View user management policies are handled by Active Directory? (Choose two.)   A. Manually disconnecting user sessions B. Restricting access to specific Connection Servers C. Restricting permitted hours to log in D. Setting password expiration dates   Correct Answer: CD     QUESTION 252 An administrator is attempting to add a vCenter Server to View Administrator in order to add View Composer. Which three prerequisites are necessary prior Read more [...]
  QUESTION 241 Which two ports must be opened in the firewall to enable communication between a Security Server and a Connection Server? (Choose two.)   A. 4001 B. 8443 C. 3389 D. 8009   Correct Answer: AD     QUESTION 242 Which two ports must be opened in the firewall to enable communication between a View Connection Server and the vCenter Server running View Composer? (Choose two.)   A. 18443 B. 443 C. 389 D. 4172   Correct Answer: Read more [...]
  QUESTION 231 Click the Exhibit button. An administrator is seeing a warning on one of their hosts. The warning in the Triggered Alarms panel appears to come from a custom configured host alarm. The administrator has not seen any actions taken for this alarm even though the actions are configured in the alarm definition. The configured actions are shown in the exhibit. What change can the administrator make to correct the problem?     A. Configure the Alarm Frequency to repeat Read more [...]
    QUESTION 221 A company wants to increase disk capacity for their vSphere environment. Management mandates that:   1. vMotion must work in this environment. 2. The existing LAN infrastructure must be used.   Which storage option best meets the company objectives?   A. iSCSI B. Fibre Channel C. SATA D. NFS   Correct Answer: D     QUESTION 222 Which of these factors indicates a high likelihood that the performance of a virtual machine disk is Read more [...]