An administrator manages a XenApp farm that uses only hosted applications.

All users access the hosted applications through Web Interface using the online plug-in that does NOT
require administrator rights to install.

Which method should the administrator user to deliver the required client plug-in with minimal effort?

A. Batch files
B. Login scripts
C. Citrix Web Interface
D. Microsoft Group Policy
E. Citrix Receiver Updater
F. Citrix Merchandising Server

Correct Answer: C


Employees at company can access Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Adobe Reader offline.

These employees complain that they CANNOT view PDF files when they receive emails containing attached PDF files.

Which action can the administrator take to solve this problem?

A. Publish the two applications with the same setting from the AppCenter.
B. Precache the two packages on the users’ computers instead of streaming them at lauch time.
C. Create a new streaming profile to publish that links the Office 2010 streaming package with the Adobe
Reader streaming package.
D. When profiling, choose ‘Advanced Install – Select files and folders’ and copy the application executables from the two applications into each application profile.

Correct Answer: C


A Senior Administrator wants to give a Junior Administrator complete rights to a folder of application while restricting some of his permissions to the overall farm.

The Senior Administrator must grant . (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. Custom Persmissions at the farm level and folder level
B. Read Only Persmissions at the farm level and Full Permissions at the folder level
C. Custom Permissions at the farm level, then Full Persmissions within the application folder
D. Full Permissions at the farm level and then Custom Permissions within the application folder.

Correct Answer: C


A server farm consists of servers with 8 GB and 16 GB of RAM.

The administrator wants to ensure that the servers with 16 GB of RAM receive more sessions then the 8
GB servers.

In order to distribute the session load equitably among both types of servers, the administrator could assign the . (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. default load evaluator rule to all servers
B. advanced load evaluator rule to all servers
C. default load evaluator rule to all 16 GB servers
D. advanced load evaluator rule to all 16 GB servers

Correct Answer: B


An administrator configured multiple session printer policies for a group of users.

Upon logging into one of the XenApp 6.5 servers, the administrator is NOT able to see any of these network session printers but does see other printers on the server.

Why is the administrator unable to see any of the users’ network session printers?

A. Network printers are per-user connections
B. The Citrix Printer Manager Service is hung or crashed.
C. The Citrix printing policies are configured incorrectly.
D. The administrator does NOT have persmission to the printer queues.

Correct Answer: A


A XenApp administrator must recommend a database option for a new XenApp 6.5 data store.

The new farm will have multiple zones over WAN connections with low bandwidth and high latency. Which two database options should the administrator recommend? (Choose two.)

A. Micrsoft SQL Server 2008

B. Micrsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
C. Micrsoft SQL Server 2008 Express
D. Micrsoft SQL Server 2008 Express R2

Correct Answer: AB


A company recently upgraded all their Citrix licenses from XenApp Enterprise to XenApp Platinum.

The Citrix License Server has been correctly updated and configured with the correct Citrix license files. Now users are NOT able to connect.
Which step should the administrator take to allow users to connect again?

A. Restart the server hosting the Citrix data store.
B. Upgrade the Delivery Services Console to the AppCenter.
C. Update the XenApp product edition in the Computer policy.
D. Restart all Citrix servers reporting 20,000 as their current load.

Correct Answer: C

Exam G


An administrator has published Mircosoft Word on two identical servers in a server farm.

There are 75 users in the environment, and each server must be allowed to accept all 75 users session for failover purposes.

All users start work at 09:00 in the morning.

The administrator wants to prevent server failure due to excessive connection attempts during this logon time.

Which option will meet the needs of this scenario?

A. Load balancing policy
B. Defailt load evaluator
C. Server session policy
D. Advanced load evaluator

Correct Answer: B


Users are complaining of poor audio quality from their XenApp applications. They are using version 11 of the online plug-in.
XenApp audio policy has been configured using the installation defaults. What can the administrator do to improve audio quality?

A. Upgrade the users’ online plug-in to version 13.
B. Set the progressive compression to one level higher than the lossy compression.
C. Configure a XenApp bandwidth limit policy and give audio redirection a 100% allocation.
D. Create a XenApp Computer policy and increase the Windows Media Redirection buffer size to 10 seconds.

Correct Answer: A


A company has two XenApp 6.5 farms and two Web Interface servers, each hosting a specific business application.

Because of legal reasons, the applications CANNOT be delivered from a single farm.

Users complain that they often use the wrong URL or do NOT see the application they require. Which two tasks can an administrator complete to reduce the users’ confusion? (Choose two.)

A. Use a load balancer to provide a single URL to both Web Interface servers.

B. On each Web Interface server, create a new Web Interface site for the alternate farm.
C. On each Web Inferface server, add a second farm that is configured with at least one XML gateway from the alternate farm.
D. On each Web Inferface server, modify the existing farm configuration and add at least one XML
gateway from the alternate farm.
E. Customize the Web Interface footer text on both Web Interface servers to remind the users of which application are provided by the current server.

Correct Answer: AC

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