An administrator is using the AppCenter to control the logon settings for a XenApp 6.5 farm.
Which four of the listed options are valid logon control settings for servers in the AppCenter? (Choose four.)

A. Drain
B. Prohibit logons only
C. Drain until next restart
D. Allow logons and reconnections
E. Prohibit logons until server restart
F. Prohibit logons and reconnections

Correct Answer: BDEF

An administrator wishes to temporarily move users to servers in the disaster recovery site so maintenance can be performed on the production servers.
A load balancing policy is used to the production site.
Which change to the load balancing policy should the administrator make to achieve this?

A. Reverse the workers priorities.
B. Remove the worker group representing the primay site.
C. Deselect the option to connect applications based on worker group preference.
D. Apply a temporary filter based on the IP address range of the disaster recovery site.

Correct Answer: A

A company is testing application streaming to allow workers to use their application offline. The application being tested is Adobe Reader.
The test is successful and now the administrator need to stream Microsoft Office 2010 also.
Users must be able to read PDF files that are attached to emails opened in Microsoft Outlook 2010. Which action must the administrator take to meet the requirements of the scenario?

A. Publish the two applications with the same settings from the AppCenter.
B. Precache the two packages on the users’ computer instead of streaming them at launch time.
C. Link the Adobe Reader streaming package to the Office 2010 streaming package during profiling of the
Office 2010 package.
D. When profiling, choose ‘Advance Install – Select files and folders’ and copy the application executables from the two applications in to each application profile.

Correct Answer: C

An administrator needs to ensure that new XenApp servers are automatically added to worker groups. When creating a worker group, which two options could the administrator select to meet the requirements
of the scenario? (Choose two.)

A. Application Folder
B. Load Security Group
C. XenApp Farm Server Group
D. Active Directory Server Group
E. Active Directory Organizational Unit

Correct Answer: DE


Laptop users need to user a XenApp published application when they are disconnected from the corporate network.
Which two plugins should an administrator install and where should they be installed to meet the laptop user requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Citrix offline plug-in on the laptop
B. Citrix online plug-in on the laptop
C. Citrix streaming profiler on the laptop
D. Citrix offline plug-in on the XenApp server
E. Citrix online plug-in on the XenApp server
F. Citrix streaming profiler on the XenApp server

Correct Answer: AB
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