An administrator has a server farm with five servers.

The administrator wants to limit the number of Microsoft Excel published application sessions that can be run in the server farm.

Which two steps could the administrator take to meet this requirement? (Choose two)

A. Configure the Load Throttling rule.
B. Configure the Server User Load rule
C. Configure the Application User Load rule
D. Assign a load evaluator to the five servers.
E. Assign a load evaluator to the published application

Correct Answer: CE


A server farm has five servers which are members of the FARM worker group. Multiple applications are published on the servers for use by over 100 employees. One of the applications has only 10 licenses.
What could the administrator do to allow only 10 employees to use that specific application at any given time?

A. Set the concurrent logon limit to 10.
B. Apply the limit user sessions policy using a filter.
C. Assign a load evaluator to the published application.
D. Apply the connection access control policy using a filter.

Correct Answer: C


A server farm has 12 servers in the FARM worker group with more than 1,000 users and 20 published applications.

Two of the published applications perform excessive CPU context switches.

What can the administrator do to ensure that the resource-intensive applications will run optimally in the server farm?

A. Assign a load evaluator to the FARM worker group.
B. Assign a load evaluator to both resource-intensive applications.
C. Apply the multi-Steam policy to both resource-intensive applications.
D. Apply the session importance policy to both resource-intensive applications

Correct Answer: B


Which policy should an administrator configure so that if all servers in a worker group go offline, XenApp redirects user connections to a backup worker group?

A. Citrix User
B. Load Evaluator
C. Load Balancing
D. Citrix Computer

Correct Answer: C


An administrator plans to add printer drivers to the auto-replication list in a XenApp 6.5 environment.

The administrator needs to ensure that a specific vendor printer driver is available on all servers in the farm including any new servers that are added at a later date.

How must the administrator add printer drivers to the auto-replication list?

A. Through a Citrix policy
B. With a PowerShell cmdlet
C. With the PrintCfg.exe tool
D. In a per-server registry setting

Correct Answer: B


An administrator needs to use the session printers policy to provision network printers from a 32-bit print server to XenApp users.

Native Windows drivers are NOT available to these printers.

Which step should the administrator take prior to implementing the session printers policy in this environment?

A. Configure the printer driver mapping and compatibility policy
B. Enable the automatic installation of in-box printer drivers policy
C. Install the corresponding 32-bit printer driver on the XenApp servers
D. Install the corresponding 64-bit printer driver on the XenApp servers

Correct Answer: A


A company’s Senior Citrix Administrator requested that an administrator reconfigure the printing policies in

a test XenApp 6.5 farm.

The Citrix Universal Printer Driver will be used exclusively and the number of auto-created printers on the server should be kept to a minimum to conserve resources.

Which two policies should the administrator configure to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Disable the client printer redirection policy.
B. Enable the policy for the generic universal printer.
C. Enable the policy for the printing preview preference.
D. Configure the auto-create client printers policy so that client printers are NOT auto-created.
E. Configure the printer driver mapping and compatibility policy to map all drivers to the Citrix Universal
Printer Driver.

Correct Answer: BD


An administrator performs an installation of XenApp without changing any of the default settings.

When a user connects with a client printer that does NOT have a suitable driver installed, but does have a suitable driver available in the driver store, which action will happen?

A. The printer will be mapped using similar provided driver.
B. The printer will be mapped using the Citrix Universal Driver.
C. The driver will be installed and mapped using the newly installed driver.
D. The driver will be installed, and the printer will be mapped using the Citrix Universal Driver.

Correct Answer: C


Which two Citrix printing tools can assist a XenApp administrator when working with printer drivers? (Choose two)

A. Print Migrator
B. Stress Printers
C. Print Detective
D. The Citrix Printing Tool

Correct Answer: BC


For users at remote offices, network printers are defined on their workstations. A print server is located in each remote office.
The WAN link speed to the datacenter varies and the administrator would like to ensure the best possible printing performance for these XenApp users.

Which step should the administrator take to address the group of users with minimal required effort?

A. Enable the session printers policy.
B. Disable the direct connections to print servers policy.
C. Reconfigure the network printers as local printers on the workstations.
D. Ensure that the vendor printer driver is installed on all XenApp servers in the farm.

Correct Answer: B

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