The IT administrator at an online education institution manages a XenApp farm that provides access to lectures and other class materials.

The students and faculty members connect to the XenApp farm published applications from remote computers that are NOT part of the corporate Active Directory domain.

Each student and faculty staff member is assigned a unique set of Active Directory credentials with a password expiration policy of 15 days.

The administrator needs to allow users to change their passwords from the Web Interface site since the computers are NOT part of the domain.

In order to configure the Web Interface to allow students and faculty members to change their passwords from the Web Interface site,

the administrator could allow users to change expired passwords by contacting the . (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. data store
B. server farm
C. domain controller directly
D. domain controller directly with fallback to the data store.

Correct Answer: B


An administrator would need to add multiple farms to a Web Interface configuration to . (Choose the correct two options to complete the sentence.)

A. protect against IMA failure
B. load balance the XML Service
C. consolidate applications from multiple farms
D. increase the performance of application enumeration
E. provide a seamless migration path across farm upgrades

Correct Answer: CE


An administrator has configured three Web Interface sites.

The sites are configured to fail over to another site if a site failure occurs.

After a failure occurs, the failing site is NOT available for connections for one hour.

The administrator wants to lessen the amount of time that the failing site is unavailable. What can an administrator do to lessen the amount of time the site is unavailable?

A. Adjust the `socket timeout’ setting.
B. Adjust the `bypass any failed server’ setting.
C. Configure the `disconnected session timer’ setting.
D. Configure Health Monitoring and Recovery to restart the server upon failure.

Correct Answer: B


Which step could an administrator take to ensure better SSL performance on three new XenApp farms?

A. Enable load balancing
B. Increase XML timeout
C. Enable socket pooling
D. Increase socket timeout

Correct Answer: C


A XenApp administrator has been tasked with providing two factor authentication to a Web Interface server.

Which three types of two-factor authentication are supported by the Citrix Web Interface server by default? (Choose three.)

A. Radius
B. Authenex
C. Safeword
D. SecureStar
E. RSA Secure ID

Correct Answer: ACE


Remote users require access to published applications from mobile devices that do NOT use a Windows operating system.

To support these users, the administrator has installed and configured an Access Gateway that will secure traffic for the remote users.

In order to allow the remote users to access resources from the Web Interface, which type of site should be configured to integrate with the Access Gateway?

A. XenApp Web site
B. XenApp Services site
C. XenApp Services with dual-factor authentication
D. XenApp Services site with SmartCard Pass-Through

Correct Answer: B


The IT Director has approved the use of Apple iPad to access the corporate customer database system when the devices are connected to the local wireless network.

Which type of Web Interface site must be configured to allow iPad users to access the customer database system published on the XenApp servers?

A. XenApp Web site
B. XenApp Services site
C. XenApp Services with dual-factor authentication only
D. XenApp Services site with Pass-Through authentication only

Correct Answer: B


When using the Gateway Direct secure access method in the Web interface,

the XenApp administrator must provide the of the Access Gateway server. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. IP address
B. SSL certificate
C. NetBIOS name
D. Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)

Correct Answer: D


Printing has been configured in a single-server farm.

Recently, the help desk has received calls from users starting that they are unable to see their printers. Upon logging into the server, the administrator notices that some auto-created printers are present. Which three troubleshooting steps should the administrator perform? (Choose three.)

A. Confirm the resultant set of Citrix policies.
B. Check the event logs on the XenApp servers.
C. Check the event logs on the client workstations.
D. Restart the Print Spooler on the XenApp servers.
E. Verify that the Citrix Print Manager Server is running.

Correct Answer: ABE


An entire Shift of workers arrives at the office at 09:00 AM.

Two thousand users turn on their thin client terminals and launch a line of business application within a ten-minute timeframe.

The resultant traffic is so intense that it takes 15-20 minutes until everybody is able to start working. How can the administrator prevent this issue from affecting the user experience?

A. Implement a NetScaler load balancer to distribute the XML traffic
B. Configure a Pre-launch application to be started for users before they arrive.
C. Upgrade the XenApp farm database server to a cluster with real time replication.
D. Configure additional zone data collectors to manage the numerous concurrent logins.

Correct Answer: B

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