Users complain that first thing in the morning they receive errors when trying to launch their application and have to re-try many times.

At other times of the day, there are NO issues. What could be causing the morning issue?

A. A load throttling load evaluator is limiting the number of concurrent logons.
B. A scheduling to load evaluator is restricting the maximum server load at this time.
C. A server load evaluator is limiting the number of concurrent users in the farm.
D. An application user load evaluator is limiting the maximum number of users allowed to run the application.

Correct Answer: A


An administrator is unable to start the IMA Service on a single XenApp server.

The administrator suspects another administrator may have changed the contents of the file that holds the connectivity information for the server to the data store server.

Which file should the administrator check to verify the service connectivity information?

A. :Program FilesCitrixIndependent Management ArchitectureMF20.dsn
B. :Program FilesCitrixIndependent Management ArchitectureMF20.mdb
C. :Program Files(x86)CitrixIndependent Management ArchitectureMF20.dsn
D. :Program Files(x86)CitrixIndependent Management ArchitectureMF20.mdb

Correct Answer: C


An administrator is notified that a single XenApp server has an issue with starting the IMA Service. A quick check of all dependent services shows there are NO issues.
When the administrator checks the MF20.dsn file using Notepad, the file is unreadable and contains miscellaneous junk.

In order to quickly resolve this issue, the administrator should copy the . (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. contents only of a working server’s IMA folder
B. folder and contents from a working server’s IMA folder
C. MF20.dsn file from another server and reinstall XenApp 6.5
D. MF20.dsn file from another server, renaming the hostname of the XenApp Server

Correct Answer: D


An administrator supports a XenApp farm consisting of 30 servers which should be fitted with the same hardware.

Users are connecting to the servers using a published desktop.

Some users complain that applications sometimes become slow and unresponsive. Users are spread evenly across all servers.
The administrator looks in the AppCenter and discovers that the complaining users are all on the same five servers.

After examining the five servers, the administrator discovers that they all are memory swapping. Which next step should the administrator take to troubleshoot this issue?

A. Use Process Monitor to investigate file usage.
B. Check the servers for hardware discrepancies.
C. Create a Computer policy that enables Memory Optimization.
D. Use Performance Monitor to investigate queue length on disc.

Correct Answer: B


A company has 20 machines and 20 users.

The 20 users are split into two shifts so that only 10 people are connected to the XenApp 6.5 farm at any one time.

Now, a third shift of 10 new users is being added.

In order to ensure that the 10 new users can get connected to XenApp 6.5, the administrator must purchase and install 10 additional . (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. client machines
B. XenApp 6.5 concurrent licenses
C. Microsoft Remote Desktop Services user client access licenses
D. Microsoft Remote Desktop Services machine client access licenses

Correct Answer: C


All users are unable to launch applications from the Web Interface. They receive the following error:
“An error occurred while making the requested connection.”

Which action should the administrator take next to troubleshoot the issue?

A. Restart the XenApp servers
B. Restart the client machines
C. Restart the Web Interface server
D. Review the error logs on the web server
E. Review the error logs on the client machines
F. Review the error logs on the XenApp servers

Correct Answer: D

Users are receiving the error shown in the attached exhibit when connecting to Notepad on XenApp. The administrator runs the QUERY FARM command on the server and receives results in the second
attached exhibit.

Which configuration component is causing the high application load?
A. An Active Directory group policy
B. A load balancing preference policy
C. A load evaluator applied to the server
D. A load evaluator applied to the application

Correct Answer: D

Exam E


An administrator is hired to implement a new XenApp server farm in an existing network.

Because of the existing network security practices, the administrator has to separate the Citrix license server from the XenApp server farm with a firewall.

Which two port should the administrator ask the network security team to configure on the firewall to allow the XenApp servers to contact the Citrix license server? (Choose two.)

Correct Answer: CE


Which two methods can an administrator use to manually install a third-party printer driver while ensuring that only the core required driver components are present in the XenApp enviornment? (Choose two)

A. The AppCenter
B. Print Server Properties
C. The XenApp Server Role Manager
D. The vendo-supplied setup.exe file
E. The Microsoft Print Management Console

Correct Answer: BE


A XenApp administratror has been tasked with building XenApp server as generically as possible.

Other than the operating system, required updates, patches and anti-virus software, the servers are to be kept as identical as possible to allow for quick disaster recover should the need arise.

Bandwidth is restricted and the client machines run operating systems other than Windows. Therefore, streaming applications to the client machines in NOT possible.
Which setting must the administrator select when publishing the application?

A. Streamed to client
B. Accessed from a server, streamed to server
C. Accessed from a server, installed application
D. Streamed if possible, otherwise accessed from a server

Correct Answer: B

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