A legacy application installed on the servers in a worker group has a memory leak. How can the administrator minimize the impact of the memory leak?

A. Stream the application to the servers.

B. Restart the servers at regular intervals using a policy.
C. Apply the memory optimization policy to the worker group.
D. Place the application with the memory leak on a separate XenApp server.

Correct Answer: B


A Citrix administrator manages a XenApp farm with hundreds of task workers.

Management desires that user profiles be kept to a minimum size and stored in a centralized location. User changes must NOT be retained at logoff.
Based on there requirement, which type of profile should the administrator implement?

A. Local
B. Roaming
C. Mandatory
D. Citrix Profile Management

Correct Answer: C


An administrator is hired to implement a new XenApp server farm in an existing network.

The administrator needs to manage the Citrix license server, which is located behing a firewall.

Which port should the administrator ask the network security team to configure on the firewall to allow the administrator to manage the license server?

Correct Answer: D


Users have requested that their Citrix connections automatically reconnect when they log in to the Citrix
Web Interface after they have been disconnected while travelling between sites.

Which Web Interface feature could the XenApp administrator configure to accomplish this task?

A. Persistent URLs
B. Session Reliability
C. Workspace Control
D. Session preferences

Correct Answer: C


A XenApp administrator does NOT have access to the AppCenter console at the moment and needs to be able to confirm which server in the farm is currently the zone data collector.

Which command line utility would provide the information the administrator needs?

A. qfarm
B. qfarm /load
C. dsmaint verifylhc
D. dsmaint compare

Correct Answer: A


Which access method must an administrator specify if a Web Interface server is required to provide the actual IP address of a XenApp server to an Access Gateway server?

A. Direct
B. Alternate
C. Translated
D. Gateway Direct
E. Gateway Alternate
F. Gateway Translated

Correct Answer: D


An administrator needs to deliver an application to 1,500 user devices in the local network. The application will be delivered from a XenApp server farm consisting of 50 XenApp servers.
When choosing how to deliver the application, the administrator must keep in mind that the user devices have little hard drive space and limited memory resources,

the user devices will always be connected to the network and the application is updated often. Which setting should the administrator choose when publishing the application?

A. Streamed to client
B. Streamed to server
C. Installed application
D. Streamed if possible, otherwise accessed from a server

Correct Answer: B

Exam F


A company has recently purchased 100 XenApp licenses to deploy a new XenApp farm that will provide the Microsoft Office Suite for remote users.

The administrator configures Health Monitoring and Recovery options to ensure that alerts are submitted when the IMA Service is NOT working as expected.

The test queries the service to ensure that the IMA Service is working
B. . (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. enumerating the applications available on the server
B. executing all of the applications available on the server
C. launching at least one of the applications available on the server
D. enumerating the current active sessions available on the server

Correct Answer: A


A server farm has three policies applied using the Client IP address and User filters.

– Policy A (priority 1) prevents client IP addresses in the 208.29.80.* range from accessing client, optical and removable drives. No other settings are configured.
– Policy B (priority 2) allows client IP addresses in the 208.29.80.* range to access network drives. All other settings are disabled.
– Policy C (priority 3) allows all domain users to access client, optical and removable drives. No other settings are configured.

Which drives will be available to a domain user accessing the server farm from a client using the IP address?

A. No drives
B. Network drives
C. Client, optical and removable drives
D. Network, client and removable drives
E. Network, client, optical and removable drives

Correct Answer: B


Which policy must the administrator configure to enable the XPS data type with the universal printing system?

A. Universal printing
B. Universal driver preference
C. Universal printing optimization defaults
D. Universal printing EMF processing mode

Correct Answer: B

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