11.1 Support
PCMCIA support is currently included in the kernel, but it’s better supported by the kernel modules located at http://pcmcia-cs.sourceforge.net
11.2 Device Management
1. cardmgr
o Monitors PCMCIA sockets for card insertion and removal.
o Looks up cards in database when inserted and loads appropriate kernel module.
o Can execute preconfigured commands upon insertion or removal.
o Unloads kernel module upon removal.
2. cardctl
o Monitor and control PCMCIA sockets.
o Non-root users can only view information about sockets.
o Commands:
1. status – Display socket status.
2. config – Display socket configuration (includes power settings, IRQs, ioports).
3. ident – Display card identification.
4. suspend – Shutdown and disable power for socket.
5. resume – Restore power to socket and re-configure for use.
6. reset – Send reset signal to device.
7. eject – Notifies all drivers that this card will be ejected and then cuts power.
8. insert – Notify all drivers that a card has just been inserted.
9. scheme – Display scheme if none is specified, otherwise reconfigure PCMCIA to the new scheme specified.
3. PCMCIA drivers
o Automatically loads devices and configures ioports to nonconflicting values.
o Can specify ioports not to use in /etc/pcmcia/config.opts
o Can view loaded cards in /var/lib/pcmcia/stab.

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