23. Print Services
23.1 Overview
1. Packages
LPRng is the only package required to actually print. The other packages provide printer drivers and utilities to ease printer configuration.
o LPRng – Provides binaries, configuration files, documentation.
o Omni – Printer drivers.
o Omni-foomatic – Meta information about print drivers.
o printconf – GUI/TUI based printer configuration utility.
o ghostscript – A postscript interpreter.
o ghostscript-fonts – Fonts for ghostscript.
o gv – A user interface to ghostscript.
2. Uses TCP port 515
23.2 Configuration Files
1. /etc/printcap
This file is auto generated by the printconf utilities. Any changes made to this file by hand will be lost. The first printer defined in this file is the default printer.
2. /etc/printcap.local
If you need to make changes to /etc/printcap by hand, put them in here instead. These custom changes will be included in /etc/printcap when it is regenerated.
3. /etc/lpd.conf
Configuration file for the LPRng printer spooler system.
4. /etc/lpd.perms
Permissions control file for LPRng printer spooler system.
23.3 Utilities
1. printconf-gui/printconf-tui
Primary method of configuring printers.
2. lpc
Used to administer printing services.
o Disable/enable printers.
o lpc start bj200 # Start a single printer
o lpc stop bj200 # Stop a single printer
o lpc start all # Start all printers
o Disable/enable spooling queues.
o lpc enable bj200 # Enable print spool for a single printer
o lpc disable bj200 # Disable print spool for a single printer
o lpc enable all # Enable all print spools
o Modify job priorities.
o lpc topq bj200 101 # Move job 101 to the top of the print queue
o View status of printers and queues.
o lpc status all # Display the daemon and queue status for all printers
o Hold/release print jobs.
o lpc hold bj200 8 # Hold job 8 for printer bj200 from printing
o lpc release bj200 8 # Release job 8 for printing on bj200
o Move jobs to another printer.
o lpc move bj200 8 hp697c # Move job 8 from bj200 to hp697c
o lpc move bj200 hp697c # Move all jobs on bj200 to hp697c
o Redirect jobs to another printer.
o lpc redirect bj200 hp697c # Redirect all jobs sent to bj200 to hp697c
o lpc redirect bj200 hp697c off # Turn off redirection
o Reprint a job.
o lpc redo bj200 7 # Reprint job 7 on printer bj200
3. lpr
Used to send print requests to a printer.
lpr /etc/hosts # Print file to default printer
cat /var/log/messages lpr -P hp697c # Print standard in to hp697c
4. lpq
Display information about and administer print queues.
lpq # Display queue information for default printer
lpq -Php420 # Display queue information for hp420 printer
5. lprm
Remove print jobs from a print queue.
lprm # Remove last job submitted
lprm -Pbj200 12 # Remove job 12 from print queue bj200
lprm -Pbj200 steve # Remove all of steve’s jobs from print queue bj200
lprm -a all # Remove all jobs in all print queues
lprm -a steve # Remove all of steve’s print jobs in all print queues
6. checkpc
Checks the /etc/printcap file for problems and verifies devices assigned to printers.
23.4 Remote Printing Requirements
1. Remote LPD
o IP address of remote print server.
o Name of queue on remote print server.
2. Samba
o NetBIOS name or IP address of the Samba server.
o Name of shared print service. This must include the server name (e.g. //server1/bj200ex not bj200ex)
o Print filter for remote printer installed locally.
o User name to connect to the print share with (usually nobody or guest).
o The password for the user if required.
o The workgroup name of the Samba server providing the print service.
3. Novell
o ncpfs package installed.
o server name/ip.
o printer name.
o valid username and password.

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