40.1 ?/.fetchmailrc
1. Create a .fetchmailrc file in your home directory similar to the following:
2. poll pop3.somedomain.com with protocol pop3:
3. user steve there is user gandalf here
4. password “super_secret”
The first line says that pop3.somedomain.com hosts our pop3 account and that we will contact it using the pop3 protocol. The second line states that the user account on the pop3 server is steve and our local account is gandalf. The last line contains our password for the pop3 account.
5. Secure the .fetchmailrc file:
6. chmod 0600 ~/.fetchmailrc
7. Then retrieve your mail by typing:
8. fetchmail
Use the “-v” option to cause fetchmail to be more verbose during mail retreival.
See “CONFIGURATION EXAMPLES” in the fetchmail man page.

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