Ensurepass  QUESTION 41  (Topic 0)   Scenario: An administrator published several applications in an environment running Presentation Server and now wants to ensure that the organization is in compliance with licensing agreements for the applications. Which report should the administrator run to gather this information?   A. Session Statistics B. Application Usage C. Licensing Statistics D. Environment Usage   Answer: B     QUESTION 42  (Topic Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 51  (Topic 1)   An administrator configures all user profiles so that printers are auto-created and opens all ports required by the Presentation Server farm. Which two TCP ports are used for printing by Windows-based devices using the Presentation Server 10.1 client? (Choose two.)   A. 1494 B. 2512 C. 2598 D. 9100   Answer: AC     QUESTION 52  (Topic 1)   Scenario: Users are unable to log on to their desktops in a Presentation Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 11  (Topic 0)   Scenario: An administrator wants to develop a custom test not included in Health Monitoring and Recovery. The administrator is able to develop the custom test using the Health Monitoring and Recovery SDK package, but needs to verify that it works before running it on the server farm. Which executable should the administrator run to verify that the custom test works properly?   A. HMRSDKTester B. HMRSDKCheck C. HMRSDKMytest D. Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 21  (Topic 0)   Scenario: A user starts a session to a published application using Program Neighborhood. After being connected for an undetermined amount of time, the session is dropped and the server resets the connection. Which action should an administrator take to resolve this issue?   A. Change the Smart Card Device Redirection setting to disabled. B. Configure Auto Client Reconnect to keep sessions intact in system memory if disconnected. C. Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 31  (Topic 0)   An administrator needs to configure Session Reliability, Kerberos Authentication and Smart Card Authentication. What must the administrator use to configure these three rules?   A. .INI files B. Config.xml C. Citrix policies D. ICACLIENT.ADM   Answer: D     QUESTION 32  (Topic 0)   An administrator configures all user profiles so that printers are auto-created and opens all ports required by the Presentation Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 1  (Topic 0)   Scenario: A senior administrator within a large organization is conducting training for junior administrators on how to publish applications and configure farm-level settings. As a precaution, the senior administrator wants to keep track of the changes made to published applications and farm-level settings by the junior administrators within a Presentation Server environment. What should the senior administrator use to track these changes?   Read more [...]