EnsurePass Dumps 70-357 VCE http://www.ensurepass.com/70-357.html     Topic 2, Case Study 2   Background You are developing a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app for LitWare, Inc. that will assist video artists. The app allows artists to create videos, share videos through other mobile apps, and upload the videos through LitWare, Inc's web services. What helps set LitWare Inc's app apart from competitors is their focus on speed and performance. Business requirements Support Read more [...]
EnsurePass Dumps 70-357 Dumps http://www.ensurepass.com/70-357.html   Topic 1, Case Study 1   Background Business requirements In this section, you will see one or more sets of questions with the same scenario and problem. Each question presents a unique solution to the problem, and you must determine whether the solution meets the slated goals. Any of the solutions might solve the problem. It is also possible that none o' the solutions solve the problem.   Technical requirements Application Read more [...]