EnsurePass Dumps 9L0-415 Dumps PDF http://www.ensurepass.com/9L0-415.html     QUESTION 21 In a default Mac OS X v10.9 file system, which of these is an absolute path to the home folder for a user account named becky? A. ./becky/ B. ~/becky/ C. Users/becky/ D. /Users/becky/ Correct Answer: D                         QUESTION 22 Review the screenshot, and then answer the question below. Last login: Thu Jul Read more [...]
EnsurePass Dumps 9L0-415 Dumps VCE http://www.ensurepass.com/9L0-415.html     QUESTION 11 Which procedure will display a list of recently installed software updates on a Mac OS X v10.9 computer? A. Open Software Update and click Receipts. B. Open Installer and choose Show Items from the File menu. C. Open Software Update preferences and click Installed Software. D. Open Console, click Show Log List, and choose Software Update.log under /Library/Logs. E. Start up the computer Read more [...]
EnsurePass Dumps 9L0-415 Dumps http://www.ensurepass.com/9L0-415.html     QUESTION 1 Review the four Apple System Profiler screenshots from a single Mac OS X v10.9 computer, and then answer the question below. What version of EFI firmware is installed on the computer whose profile is shown above? A. MP31.006C.B05 B. 1.25f4 C. 68929F4A-E7A4-5A2C-AFA2-F9E3467E872E D. 01.00.252 E. BC14 F. 1.3.0   Correct Answer: A     QUESTION 2 When a user chooses Shut Down Read more [...]