EnsurePass Dumps 9L0-524 Dump http://www.ensurepass.com/9L0-524.html     QUESTION 61 How do you add password protection to a website?   A. Define a realm for the website. B. Use HTTPS instead of HTTP. C. Select et password?in the Sites pane of Server Admin, and enter a password. D. Ensure that the owner of the website's Documents folder is the user ww?   Correct Answer: A     QUESTION 62 In Mac OS X Server v10.9, print quotas ________. (Choose TWO.)   A. can Read more [...]
EnsurePass Dumps 9L0-524 Dumps PDF http://www.ensurepass.com/9L0-524.html   QUESTION 41 After enabling the web proxy server in Mac OS X Server v10.9, you can ________. (Choose all that apply.)   A. no longer change the performance caching settings B. block user access to specific external sites C. specify which sites to keep cached for faster access D. no longer add realms to restrict access to internal sites E. specify the folder location for the web service's Read more [...]
EnsurePass Dumps 9L0-524 Dumps VCE http://www.ensurepass.com/9L0-524.html     QUESTION 21 Which command is found on Mac OS X v10.9, as well as on other versions of UNIX?   A. Ditto B. Ls C. system_profiler D. open   Correct Answer: B     QUESTION 22 Which statements are true of Kerberos? (Choose all that apply.)   A. Kerberos uses tickets. B. Kerberos requires LDAP. C. Kerberos requires service discovery. D. Kerberos is a way Read more [...]
EnsurePass Dumps 9L0-524 Dumps http://www.ensurepass.com/9L0-524.html     QUESTION 1 How did you prepare for this exam? (Choose all that apply.)   A. none of the above B. Apple leader-led technician training course C. self-study AppleCare Technician Training purchased from Apple D. on-the-job training / apprenticeship E. self-taught F. Apple Mac OS X Server Essentials leader-led course G. other Apple materials or courses H. non-Apple Read more [...]