EnsurePass Dumps ACMA_6.1 VCE  http://www.ensurepass.com/ACMA-6-1.html     QUESTION 11 Which of the following is NOT available for configuration in the startup wizard?   A. RF Plan B. Administrator and enable passwords C. Native VLANs on a per port basis D. WPA-PSK encryption E. Radius Server   Correct Answer: A     QUESTION 12 Remote AP in tunnel mode, by default, uses which of the following to encrypt user traffic back to the mobility controller?   A. L2TP Read more [...]
EnsurePass Dumps ACMA 6.1 Dumps http://www.ensurepass.com/ACMA-6-1.html     QUESTION 1 Where in the controller would we configure a wireless network NOT to use encryption?   A. AAA profile B. SSID profile C. ARM profile D. Radio profile E. VAP profile   Correct Answer: B     QUESTION 2 Firewall rules contain the following fields, except?   A. Action B. Destination C. Service D. Mirror E. Policy   Correct Answer: Read more [...]