EnsurepassQUESTION 61 An engineer has deployed IM-user-only mode for the IM and Presence Service. Which two features will be available? (Choose two.)   A. third-party XMPP clients are not supported B. IM and Presence support without Cisco Unified Communications Manager C. audio/video calling D. Cisco Unity voicemail retrieval via SMTP E. XMPP federation capabilities   Correct Answer: BE     QUESTION 62 Which three methods can an engineer use to create users in Read more [...]
EnsurepassQUESTION 31 Which options are two on-premise components of Cisco Unified Presence? (Choose two.)   A. Cisco Unified Communication Manager B. Cisco Unified Contact Center Express C. Cisco WebEx D. Cisco Quality Management E. Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise   Correct Answer: AC     QUESTION 32 Why is quality of service critical to voice network traffic?   A. Voice traffic is real-time network traffic. B. Packets can be resent without Read more [...]
EnsurepassQUESTION 51 Which three choices are functions or features of Cisco Unity Connection? (Choose three.)   A. video-enabled messaging through converged networks B. text-to-speech, which allows access to Exchange emails from a telephone C. voice-enabled message navigation D. voice-enabled dialing to external users E. automated attendant capabilities F. automated call rerouting to agents through round robin, longest idle, or broadcast   Correct Answer: BCE   Read more [...]
EnsurepassQUESTION 41 DRAG DROP   Correct Answer:     QUESTION 42 Which transport layer protocol is used when a Cisco Unified Presence client is searching for a contact in directory?   A. TCP B. UDP C. IMAP D. HTTP   Correct Answer: A     QUESTION 43 Use the router console to view the configuration and answer the question. International calls are also failing. Using the router configuration supplied, why are international calls failing?   Read more [...]
EnsurepassQUESTION 11 Use the exhibits below to answer the question. What two issues could be causing the Cisco Jabber failure shown in the exhibit? (Choose two)     A. Incorrect username and password B. IM & Presence server is down C. User is not associated with the device D. IP or DNS name resolution issue E. CSF Device is not registered. F. IP Phone DN not associated with the user   Correct Answer: BD Explanation: The error message shown in Jabber is "Cannot Read more [...]
EnsurepassQUESTION 21 An end user reports that conference calls are failing. Which fault domain should be investigated first?   A. IP phone B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Media Resources C. voice gateways D. network routers and switches   Correct Answer: B     QUESTION 22 A company has a 5-digit dial plan. A junior engineer inquires about the directory number external masks. Why are external masks used?   A. to block calling number identification Read more [...]
EnsurepassQUESTION 1 Which two technologies comprise a Cisco Presence deployment? (Choose two.)   A. Cisco Unified Presence Server B. Cisco Unity Connection C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager D. Active Directory E. Cisco Unified Border Element F. Cisco Expressway   Correct Answer: AC     QUESTION 2 An engineer is configuring the Cisco Unified Communications Manager disaster recovery system. Which three statements about the disaster recovery system are Read more [...]