Ensurepass  QUESTION 121 The vSphere administrator attempts to connect to an ESXi host via an SSH client and receives the following security alert:     The vSphere administrator needs to determine whether the RSA key fingerprint shown in the security alert is the fingerprint of the intended ESXi host.   Which tool should the vSphere administrator use?   A. Direct Console User Interface B. vSphere Client C. vSphere Web Client D. vSphere Management Assistant Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 101 Refer to the Exhibit. An administrator has been given requirements to configure vMotion for a new virtual machine. The configuration should:   Provide Network Redundancy Use VLAN 550 Be secured against anyone trying to spoof communication   The vSwitch1 configuration is shown in the Exhibit.     Which three changes should be made to meet the stated requirements? (Choose three.)   A. The VLAN ID must be set appropriately. B. The default Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 111 An administrator is upgrading a vSphere Distributed Switch. The existing switch is version 6.0 and the administrator wants to upgrade to the latest version possible. The environment contains several ESXi 6.1 hosts. Which two options are available to ensure that the upgraded switch will be compatible with these hosts? (Choose two.)   A. Upgrade the vSphere Distributed Switch to 6.0 B. Upgrade the ESXi 5.5 hosts to version 6.0, then upgrade the vSphere Distributed Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 91 Refer to the Exhibit. An administrator logs into the vSphere Web Client and sees the warning shown in the Exhibit.     During a change control window, the warning was addressed.   What should be done to verify that the host is no longer showing the warning?   A. Run a Remediate host operation. B. Recheck the compliance of the host. C. Restart the host to get rid of the warning. D. Install VMware tools to clear the warning.   Correct Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 81 What is true regarding datastores on ESXi 6.x?   A. NFS 4.1 datastore does not support Fault Tolerance (FT) B. VMFS3 and VMFS5 datastores can be newly created C. NFS datastore can be concurrently mounted using NFS 4.1 on one host and NFS on another D. NFS 3.0 datastore does not support Fault Tolerance (FT)   Correct Answer: A     QUESTION 82 An administrator is performing a scripted installation of ESXi 6.x. In which three locations does Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 71 What are two possible causes of Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler (SDRS) being disabled on one or more virtual machine disks in a datastore cluster? (Choose two.)   A. The virtual machine has vSphere Fault Tolerance disabled. B. The virtual machine is a template. C. The virtual machine swap file is on a shared datastore. D. The disk is a CD-ROM/ISO file.   Correct Answer: BD     QUESTION 72 You are editing the management network Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 51 An application running in a virtual machine is experiencing performance issues. When utilizing performance monitoring utilities, it is noted that the CPU Utilization of the application is at 100%. Which two scenarios are probable causes of the CPU contention for the application? (Choose two.)   A. There is a network I/O constraint. B. There is a storage I/O constraint. C. There is insufficient disk space assigned to the virtual machine. D. The application Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 61 To comply with security requirements, an administrator with a vCenter Server Appliance needs to force logoff of the vSphere web client after 10 minutes of inactivity. What should the administrator do to meet the requirement?   A. Edit: /var/lib/vmware/vsphere-client/webclient.properties, modify session.timeout=10 B. Edit: /opt/vmware/vsphere-client/webclient.properties, modify session.timeout=600 C. Edit: /var/lib/vmware/vsphere-client/webclient.properties Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 31 An administrator is unable to create the first group in a new vRealize Operations environment. What is the likely cause of the problem?   A. There are no group types defined. B. The group is not defined in SSO. C. There are more than 32 group types defined. D. The description for the group is not provided.   Correct Answer: A     QUESTION 32 Which two Virtual SAN related actions might start resynchronization of virtual machine objects? Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 41 Which vSphere 6 Standard Edition feature will allow an organization to ensure that critical multi-threaded applications have the maximum possible uptime?   A. Fault Tolerance B. High Availability C. Distributed Resource Scheduler D. App HA   Correct Answer: B             QUESTION 42 An administrator must determine an appropriate backup solution, given these conditions:   50 of the virtual machines are in a resource Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 21 An administrator is configuring the Maximum Transmission Unit value on a vSphere Distributed Switch. Which two options are typical values for ESXi networking? (Choose two.)   A. 1492 B. 1500 C. 9000 D. 9089   Correct Answer: BD     QUESTION 22 A developer needs to create a multi-tier development stack for a home lab. Which vSphere product will support the architecture required for the least software cost?   A. vSphere Hypervisor Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 11 An administrator is cloning and configuring five new web server virtual machines. What would be the benefit of configuring resource shares for the new VMs?   A. To prioritize access to a resource during contention. B. To guarantee access to a resource during contention. C. To prioritize access to a resource before contention occurs. D. To guarantee access to a resource before contention occurs.   Correct Answer: A         QUESTION Read more [...]
Ensurepass QUESTION 1 An administrator is configuring the Failover Order option on a vSphere Distributed Switch. Which two options should be used with IP-hash load balancing? (Choose two.)   A. Active Uplinks B. Standby Uplinks C. Unused Uplinks D. Override Failover Order   Correct Answer: AC     QUESTION 2 An administrator receives a report that no real time statistics are available for a virtual machine in the vCenter Server inventory. Which two statements indicate Read more [...]