Ensurepass  QUESTION 41 What is the maximum jumbo frame size for IPS standalone appliances with 1G and 10G fixed or add-on interfaces?   A. 1024 bytes B. 1518 bytes C. 2156 bytes D. 9216 bytes   Answer: D     QUESTION 42           An SNMP host is an IP address to which SNMP notifications and traps are sent. To configure SNMFV3 hosts, which option must you configure in addition to the target IP address?   A. the Cisco ASA Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 31 You have explicitly added the line deny ipv6 any log to the end of an IPv6 ACL on a router interface. Which two ICMPv6 packet types must you explicitly allow to enable traffic to traverse the interface? (Choose two.)   A. router solicitation B. router advertisement C. neighbor solicitation D. neighbor advertisement E. redirect   Answer: CD     QUESTION 32 All 30 users on a single floor of a building are complaining about network slowness. Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 21 What command alters the SSL ciphers used by the Cisco Email Security Appliance for TLS sessions and HTTPS access?   A. sslconfig B. sslciphers C. tlsconifg D. certconfig   Answer: A     QUESTION 22 Which two parameters must be configured before you enable SCP on a router? (Choose two.)   A. SSH B. authorization C. ACLs D. NTP E. TACACS+   Answer: AB     QUESTION 23 Which technology provides forwarding-plane Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 11 Which option describes the purpose of the input parameter when you use the packet-tracer command on a Cisco device?   A. to provide detailed packet-trace information B. to specify the source interface for the packet trace C. to display the trace capture in XML format D. to specify the protocol type for the packet trace   Answer: B     QUESTION 12 Which threat-detection feature is used to keep track of suspected attackers who create connections Read more [...]
Ensurepass    QUESTION 1 Which two statements about Cisco IDS are true? (Choose two.)   A. It is preferred for detection-only deployment. B. It is used for installations that require strong network-based protection and that include sensor tuning. C. It is used to boost sensor sensitivity at the expense of false positives. D. It is used to monitor critical systems and to avoid false positives that block traffic. E. It is used primarily to inspect egress traffic, to Read more [...]