EnsurepassQUESTION 151 Which of the following are available SmartConsole clients which can be installed from the R65 NGX Windows CD? Read all answers and select the most complete and valid list.   A. SmartView Tracker, CPINFO, SmartUpdate B. Security Policy Editor, Log Viewer, Real Time Monitor GUI C. SmartView Tracker, SmartDashboard, CPINFO, SmartUpdate, SmartView Status D. SmartView Tracker, SmartDashboard, SmartLSM, SmartView Monitor   Answer: D     QUESTION 152 Which Read more [...]
Ensurepass Latest 156-215 Real Exam Download 91-100  QUESTION 91 Which of the below is the MOST correct process to reset SIC? A.Runcpconfig, and select "Secure Internal Communication > Change One Time Password". B.Click Reset in the Communication window of the Gateway object, and type a new activation key. C.Runcpconfig, and click Reset. D.Click the Communication button for the firewall object, then click Reset. Run cpconfig and type a new activation key. Answer: D  QUESTION Read more [...]
Ensurepass Latest 156-215 Real Exam Download 81-90  QUESTION 81 As a Security Administrator, you must refresh the Client Authentication authorization time-out every time a new user connection is authorized. How do you do this? Enable the: A."Refreshable Timeout" setting, in the gateway object's Authentication screen. B."Refreshable Timeout", in the user object's Authentication screen. C."Refreshable Timeout" setting, in the Limit tab of the Client Authentication Action properties screen. Read more [...]
Ensurepass Latest 156-215 Real Exam Download 71-80  QUESTION 71 Which specific VPN-1 NGX R65 GUI would you use to view the length of time a TCP connection was open? A. SmartView Status B. SmartView Tracker C. SmartLSM D. SmartView Monitor Answer: B  QUESTION 72 You want to display log entries containing information from a specific column in the SmartView Tracker. If you want to see ONLY those entries, what steps would you take? A. Left-click column, Specific, Add, Apply Filter Read more [...]
Ensurepass Latest 156-215 Real Exam Download 61-70  QUESTION 61 You are about to test some rule and object changes suggested in an NGX newsgroup. Which backup solution should you use, to ensure the easiest restoration of your Security Policy to its previous configuration, after testing the changes? A. upgrade_export command B. Database Revision Control C. SecurePlatform backup utilities D. Manual copies of the $FWDIR/conf directory Answer: B  QUESTION 62 What does it indicate Read more [...]
Ensurepass Latest 156-215 Real Exam Download 51-60  QUESTION 51 Which NGX R65 logs can you configure to send to DShield.org? A. Audit and alert logs B. Alert and user-defined alert logs C. SNMP and account logs D. Account and alert logs Answer: B  QUESTION 52 The customer has a small Check Point installation which includes one Window XP workstation working as SmartConsole , one Solaris server working as SmartCenter, and a third server running SecurePlatform working as Security Read more [...]
Ensurepass Latest 156-215 Real Exam Download 41-50  QUESTION 41 Which column in the Rule Base is used to define authentication parameters? A. Track B. Source C. Service D. Action Answer: D  QUESTION 42 An internal router is sending UDP keep-alive packets that are being encapsulated with GRE and sent through your NGX Security Gateway to a partner site. A rule for GRE traffic is configured for ACCEPT/LOG. Although the keep-alive packets are being sent every 1 minute, a search Read more [...]
Ensurepass Latest 156-215 Real Exam Download 31-40  QUESTION 31 Your company's Security Policy forces users to authenticate to the Gateway explicitly, before they can use any services. The Gateway does not allow Telnet service to itself from any location. How would you set up the authentication method? With a: A. Client Authentication rule, using partially automatic sign on B. Client Authentication rule using the manual sign-on method, using HTTP on port 900 C. Session Authentication rule Read more [...]
Ensurepass Latest 156-215 Real Exam Download 21-30  QUESTION 21 Which of the following Global Properties NAT options applies to Manual Network Address Translation rules only? A. Automatic ARP configuration B. Translate destination on client-side C. Enable IP Pool NAT D. Allow bi-directional NAT Answer: B  QUESTION 22 You have blocked an IP address via the Block Intruder feature of SmartView Tracker. How can you see the addresses you have blocked? A.InSmartView Tracker, click Read more [...]
Ensurepass Latest 156-215 Real Exam Download 141-150  QUESTION 141 Of the three mechanisms Check Point uses for controlling traffic, which enables firewalls to incorporate layer 4 awareness in packet inspection? A. Stateful Inspection B. SmartDefense C. Application Intelligence D. Packet filtering Answer: A  QUESTION 142 Which SmartConsole component can Administrators use to track remote administrative activities? A. TheWebUI B. SmartView Monitor C. Eventia Reporter D. Read more [...]