EnsurepassQuestion 161 True or False: You can install Global security rules on Security Gateways, Edge gateways, SmartProvisioning profiles, and Open Security Extensions (OSE) devices. A. True. Global security rules can be installed on any Check Point device including CMA's, Security Management Servers, Log Servers, etc. B. True. Global security rules can be installed on Security Gateways, Edge gateways, SmartProvisioning profiles, and Open Security Extensions (OSE) devices. C. False. Global security Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 151 The Points to the location for SmartUpdate packages name is $SUROOT. What is the correct path for this location in the MDS level. A. /var/CPsuite-R70/suroot B. /var/opt/suroot C. /var/suroot D. /var/su   Answer: C     Question 152 SmartLSM Security Gateway Status is collected by: A. fwd B. status_proxy C. cpd D. fwm   Answer: B     Question 153 The MDS default status collection cycle takes 300 seconds. Where would you change this behavior? A. Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 141 Which of the following is correct about Multi-Domain Management with Provider-1 licensing? A. MDS license is based on per IP, Container license is based on number of CMA's however each CMA requires its own CMA-level license as well, MLM license is comprehensive i.e. includes CLM. B. MDS Manager license is included with all Container and MLM licenses, Container license is based on number of CMA's, CMA license is included with the container, MLM license is comprehensive i.e. Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 131 What is the function of the MDS Manager? A. Manage the Check Point gateway. B. To connect to the MDS Managers via the MDG in order to monitor and control the Provider-1 environment. C. To create and delete objects in the CMA database. D. Contains the CMA.   Answer: D     Question 132 Which of the following is an MDS view? A. Customer Contents B. Network Contents C. MLM Contents D. CMA Contents   Answer: B     Question 133 In Provider-1's High Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 121 If you have reached the maximum CMA capacity on a machine, what would be the simplest/best way to be able to manage more customers? A. Create a new MDS Container and connect it to the current MDS Manager B. Add more disk space C. Create a new MDS Manager + Container D. Create a new MDS Manager   Answer: A     Question 122 The  utility is a CPMI client used by an administrator to add or remove customers or to back up MDS information when using the mirror Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 111 Which of the following is FALSE about Global VPN Community configurations? A. A remote-access VPN cannot be implemented as a Global VPN. B. The Global SmartDashboard can create a traditional VPN using the Encrypt action. C. When configuring Global VPNs, only simplified or VPN neutral configurations can be used. D. Global VPN Communities can only be configured as site-to-site.   Answer: B     Question 112 The CMA objects must be imported into the Global Security Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 101 You have a Global Policy assigned to multiple customers with Assign all Global Objects enabled, and now one of those customers requires a different set of security rules that are not similar to any other Global Policy. They have been using Global Objects in their Local Security Policy, so when trying to detach the policy, it fails, stating "Global Objects are in use and cannot be removed." Which of the following would accomplish the customer's expectations? A. Change Customer Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 91 To which devices can a gateway send native logs?  Give the BEST answer. A. CLM B. CMA, CLM, Syslog C. CMA, CLM and CMA-HA D. CMA and CLM   Answer: C     Question 92 When connected to a CLM using SmartView Tracker, the logs only show IP addresses for known Check Point objects. What is the problem? A. SmartView Tracker is the wrong version. B. CLM and CMA are not synchronized. C. Objects were created in the CMA without doing an Install Database to the CLM. Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 81 What are the four processes mdsstat reports on for the MDS and each CMA? A. fwd, httpd, snmpd, crond B. ymca, cdc, fema, norad C. fwm, dbda, ica, cpca D. fwm, fwd, cpd, cpca   Answer: D     Question 82 In order to change the environment in your shell so that you are interactive with one particular CMA, you should use the command. A. mcd <CMA name> B. mdsenv <CMA name> C. mdsconfig D. customer <CMA name>   Answer: B     Question Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 71 What method do you use to migrate from Solaris-based to SecurePlatform-based Multi-Domain Management with Provider-1? A. manual copy B. cma_migrate C. backup D. mds_backup     Question 72 What script do you use to migrate Global Policies? A. upgrade_import_policy B. global_policy_migrate C. mdscmd policy import D. migrate_global_policies   Answer: D     Question 73 Which command do you use to import data collected from a Security Management Server into Read more [...]