An administrator of a XenServer resource pool is running multiple XenDesktop virtual machines. To reduce the amount of network traffic between the host and network storage, the administrator enabled IntelliCache. Which type of storage repository must the administrator use in this scenario?


A.     HBA

B.     LVM

C.     EXT3

D.     iSCSI


Correct Answer: C







An administrator is deploying a XenDesktop environment and would like to make use of XenServer IntelliCache on an existing host to improve performance. The environment is configured with local, iSCSI, and NFS ISO storage repositories (SRs). NO virtual machines are on the host. What must the administrator do before IntelliCache can be enabled?


A.     Create a new LUN on the iSCSI SR and enable thin provisioning.

B.     Convert the existing NFS ISO SR to NFS VHD with thin provisioning enabled.

C.     Destroy the existing LVM local SR and replace it with a thin provisioned EXT3 SR.

D.     Format the existing iSCSI SR with the EXT2 file system and enable thin provisioning.


Correct Answer: C




An administrator installed a new storage repository for use by a XenServer pool. The administrator needs to enable multipathing to connect to the new storage device. What does the administrator need to enable to meet the requirements of the scenario?


A.     High availability

B.     Maintenance mode

C.     Workload balancing

D.     Virtual machine protection policy


Correct Answer: B




An administrator needs to ensure that all virtual machine traffic transmits over a specified VLAN. The XenServer host has two network interface cards, one for management and the other for virtual machine traffic. Which network type must the administrator create on a XenServer host to allow access to the specified VLAN?


A.     Bonded

B.     External

C.     Cross-server private

D.     Single-server private


Correct Answer: B







An administrator h
as three servers in a pool each containing three physical network interface cards (NICs). Currently NIC 0 is used for management, NIC 1 for virtual machine traffic, and NIC 2 for storage traffic. Which network type must the administrator create to access multiple VLANs for virtual machine traffic?


A.     Bonded

B.     External

C.     Cross-server private

D.     Single-server private


Correct Answer: B




An administrator needs to isolate network communication between two virtual machines on different XenServer hosts in the same pool. The existing network features 1 GB switches, which do NOT support VLANS. Which network type must the administrator select to meet the requirements of the scenario?


A.     Bonded

B.     External

C.     < /font>Cross-server private

D.     Single-server private


Correct Answer: C




An administrator needs to configure a private network between virtual machines on two hosts in a pool using XenCenter. However, the option to select the appropriate network type is NOT available. Which XenServer component must the administrator use to enable the correct network type?


A.     NIC bond

B.     DVS controller

C.     XenServer Tools

D.     DWLB appliance


Correct Answer: B






An administrator needs to add two new XenServer hosts to an existing pool. Before adding a host to the pool, the administrator created a network bond on the pool master. Which CLI command must the administrator run to replicate the bond on the new hosts?


A.     xe pool-join

B.     xe bond-create

C.     xe network-create

D.     xe pool-param-set


Correct Answer: A




An administrator is installing Provisioning services on a new server. DHCP and PXE servers are already configured. Which option must the administrator select during the initial Provisioning services configuration to configure the PXE Service?


A.     Microsoft DHCP

B.     Other BOOTP or DHCP Service

C.     Provisioning services BOOTP Service

D.     The service that runs on another computer


Correct Answer: D




An administrator has added a new provisioning server to an existing farm. The store is on a separate file server. What does the administrator need to configure to have existing virtual machines use the Stream Service from the new provisioning server?


A.     vDisk store

B.     TFTP Service

C.     DHCP options

D.     Bootstrap options


Correct Answer: D


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