Question: 1
A contract cannot contain_____

A. Illegal activities
B. deadline for the completion of the work
C. Penalties and fines for disclosure of intellectual rights
D. Al1 of the above

Answer: A

Question: 2
Which one of the following comes first in the project plan?

A. Scope Statement
B. Quality Plan
D. Development Plan

Answer: A

Question: 3
You are project manager of a project. During the process of selecting the sellers, you reject one vendor because it doesn’t have the manufacturing capability. This is an example of which selection tool?

A. Weighting system
B. Screening system
C. Seller rating system
D. Expert judgment

Answer: B

Question: 4
____provides details about how the project scope may be changed.

A. Control Scope system
B. VeiirV Scope
C. Scope Charter
D. Scope Management plan

Answer: D

Question: 5
Which of the following technique to identify the underlying cause of a problem and take steps to prevent further occurrence?

A. Root cause analysis
B. Quality audits
C. Project audits
D. Risk audits

Answer: A

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