CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam


Question 101

A network technician has detected duplicate IP addresses on the network. After testing the behavior of rogue DHCP servers, the technician believes that the issue is related to an unauthorized home router. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT in the troubleshooting methodology?


A. Document the findings and action taken.


B. Establish a plan to locate the rogue DHCP server.

C. Remove the rogue DHCP server from the network.

D. Identify the root cause of the problem.

Correct Answer: B


By testing the behavior of rogue DHCP servers and determining that the issue is related to an unauthorized home router, the technician has completed the third step in the 7-step troubleshooting process. The next step is to establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and identify potential effects. Establishing a plan to locate the rogue DHCP server meets the requirements of this step.

1. Identify the problem.

Information gathering.

Identify symptoms.

Question uestion users.

Determine if anything has changed.

2. Establish a theory of probable cause.

Question uestion the obvious.

3. Test the theory to determine cause:

When the theory is confirmed, determine the n
ext steps to resolve the problem.

If theory is not confirmed, re-establish a new theory or escalate.

4. Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and identify potential effects.

5. Implement the solution or escalate as necessary.

6. Verify full system functionality and if applicable implement preventive measures.

7. Document findings, actions, and outcomes.



Question 102

A technician is troubleshooting a client’s connection to a wireless network. The client is asked to run a “getinfo” command to list information about the existing condition.


myClient$ wificard –getinfo








op mode: station






802.11 auth:open


link auth:wpa2-psk








Given this output, which of the following has the technician learned about the wireless network? (Select TWO).


A. The WAP is using RC4 encryption

B. The WAP is using 802.11a

C. The WAP is using AES encryption

D. The WAP is using the 2.4GHz channel

E. The WAP is using the 5GHz channel

F. The WAP is using 802.11g

Correct Answer: CE


WPA2 makes use of the Counter Mode with Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code Protocol (CCMP) encryption protocol, which is an AES based protocol.

The output shows that the wireless network operates on channel 149, which is a channel in the 5GHz band.



Question 103

An administrator only has telnet access to a remote workstation. Which of the following utilities will identify if the workstation uses DHCP?


A. tracert

B. ping

C. dig

D. ipconfig

E. netstat

Correct Answer: D


The ipconfig command displays the TCP/IP configuration of a Windows system. The ipconfig /all command displays the system’s TCP/IP configuration in detail. This output includes whether DHCP is enabled or not.



Question 104

A network technician is performing a tracert command to troubleshoot a website-related issue. The following output is received for each hop in the tracert:


1 * * * Request timed out.


2 * * * Request timed out.


3 * * * Request timed out.


The technician would like to see the results of the tracert command. Which of the following will allow the technician to perform tracert on external sites but not allow outsiders to discover information from inside the network?


A. Enable split horizon to allow internal tracert commands to pass through the firewall

B. Enable IGMP messages out and block IGMP messages into the network

C. Configure the firewall to allow echo reply in and echo request out of the network

D. Install a backdoor to access the router to allow tracert messages to pass through Correct Answer: C


Tracert makes use of ICMP echo packets to trace the route between two hosts. For the command to be successful, the firewall has to allow incoming echo replies and outgoing echo requests.



Question 105

A network technician has received comments from several users that cannot reach a particular website. Which of the following commands would provide the BEST information about the path taken across the network to this website?


A. ping

B. netstat

C. telnet

D. tracert

Correct Answer: D


The tracert command is used to determine the amount of hops a packet takes to reach a destination. It makes use of ICMP echo packets to report information at every step in the journey.

This is how the path taken across the network is obtained.



Question 106

After connecting a workstation directly to a small business firewall, a network administrator is trying to manage it via HTTPS without losing its stored configuration. The only two pieces of information that the network administrator knows about the firewall are the management interface MAC address, which is 01:4a:d1:fa:b1:0e, and the administrator’s password. Which of the following will allow the administrator to log onto the firewall via HTTPS if the management’s IP address is unknown and the administrator’s workstation IP address is


A. Use the reset button on the back of the firewall to restore it to its factory default, and then log onto

B. Run the following command on the administrator’s workstation: arp -s


C. Use an SNMP tool to query the firewall properties and determine the correct management IP address

D. Use a crossover cable to connect to the console port and reconfigure the firewall management IP to

Correct Answer: B


Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is used to resolve IP addresses to MAC addresses. The arp – s command adds a static permanent address to the ARP cache. This will allow the administrator to access the firewall.



Question 107

A network technician has detected a personal computer that has been physically connected to the corporate network. Which of the following commands would the network technician use to locate this unauthorized computer and determine the interface it is connected to?


A. nbtstat -a

B. show mac address-table

C. show interface status

D. show ip access-list

E. nslookup hostname

Correct Answer: B


The show mac address-table command is used to view the ageing timer, and also the unicast and multicast MAC addresses stored in the MAC address table by the switch. Furthermore, you can view all of the addresses in the table or only the addresses learned or specified on a particular port or VLAN.



Question 108

A technician has verified that a recent loss of network connectivity to multiple workstations is due to a bad CAT5 cable in the server room wall. Which of the following tools can be used to locate its physical location within the wall?


A. Cable certifier

B. Multimeter

C. Cable tester

D. Toner probe

Correct Answer: D


Toner probes are specifically used to trace cables hidden in floors, ceilings, or walls. They can also be used to track cables from the patch panels to their destinations.



Question 109

A user connects to a wireless network at the office and is able to access unfamiliar SMB shares and printers. Which of the following has happened to the user?


A. The user is connected using the wrong channel.

B. The user is connected to the wrong SSID.

C. The user is experiencing an EMI issue.

D. The user is connected to the wrong RADIUS server.

Correct Answer: B


The user is connecting to an SSID assigned to a different subnet. Therefore, the user has access to SMB shares and printers that are not recognizable.



Question 110

A network technician is performing a wireless survey in the office and discovers a device that was not installed by the networking team. This is an example of which of following threats?


A. Bluesnarfing


C. Brute force

D. Rogue AP

Correct Answer: D


A rogue access point is when a wireless access point is located on a network without the administrator being aware of it. Therefore, if the device was not installed by the networking team, the administrator would not know about it being there.


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