CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam


Question 291

As part of unified communications services, Question oS must be implemented. DSCP and CoS map to which of the following OSI layers? (Select TWO)


A. Layer 1

B. Layer 2

C. Layer 3

D. Layer 4

E. Layer 5

Correct Answer: BC



Question 292

A technician is troubleshooting a newly installed WAP that is sporadically dropping connections to devices on the network. Which of the following should the technician check FIRST?


A. WAP placement

B. Encryption type

C. Bandwidth saturation


Correct Answer: A



Question 293

A network technician responds to a customer reporting that a workstation keeps losing its network connection. The user explains that it occurs randomly and it happens several times throughout the day. Which of the following troubleshooting methods should the technician perform FIRST?


A. Test the theory

B. Establish a plan of action

C. Gather information

D. Question uestion the obvious

Correct Answer: C



Question 294

A user reports slow computer performance. A technician troubleshooting the issue uses a performance monitoring tool and receives the following results:


Avg % Processor Time =10%

Avg Pages/Second = 0

Avg Disk Question ueue Length = 3


Based on the results, which of the following is causing a bottleneck?


A. Hard drive

B. Memory

C. Processor


Correct Answer: A



Question 295

A technician has responded to a security issue with an employee’s computer. Which of the following basic forensic steps should be taken NEXT?


A. Secure the area

B. Initiate Data collection

C. Create the forensics report

D. Verify the chain of custody

Correct Answer: A



Question 296

A network technician has downloaded the latest vendor switch O/S. which includes new features and enhancements. Which of the following should the technician perform FIRST when updating the switches?


A. Backup the current configuration for each switch

B. Install during non-business hours to test the system

C. Test the O/S on one of the production switches

D. Power cycle the company’s border router

Correct Answer: A



Question 297

Which of the following protocols is used to send mail to another server on the Internet?






Correct Answer: D



Question 298

Which of the following ports is used to provide secure sessions over the web by default?


A. 22

B. 25

C. 80

D. 5004

Correct Answer: A



Question 299

An attack where the potential intruder tricks a user into providing sensitive information is known as which of the following?


A. Social engineering

B. Bluesnarfing

C. Man-in-the-middle

D. Evil Twin

Correct Answer: A



Question 300

After an employee connected a switch port of a home router to the wall jack in the office, other employees in the office started losing connectivity. Which of the following can be implemented on the company switch to prevent loss of connectivity in the future?


A. Loop prevention

B. ARP inspections

C. DHCP snooping

D. MAC address filtering

Correct Answer: A


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