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Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals

Question No: 61









All equipment is operational. Through which two methods can a wireless client receive an IP address when associating to the WLAN? (Choose two.)

  1. The clients can receive an IP address from SW1.

  2. Tie clients can receive an IP address from WLC1.

  3. The clients will not receive an IP address from either DHCP server because of overlapping address ranges.

  4. The clients can receive an IP address in a round-robin maner from either SW1 or WLC1.

  5. The clients can use a static IP address.

Answer: B,E

Question No: 62

A client is deploying lightweight APs. Those with LAN connections to the controller would be considered what mode of deployment, while access points deployed across a higher latency connection are deployed in what mode?

  1. HREAP; Bridge

  2. Local; Bridge

  3. HREAP; Flex Connect

  4. Local; Flex Connect

Answer: D

Question No: 63










Tablets and other wireless clients are unable to connect at any 802.11 n data rates. What is the most likely cause of this problem?

  1. WLAN gt; General properties are incorrectly configured.

  2. WLAN gt; QoS properties are incorrectly configured.

  3. WLAN gt; Security properties are incorrectly configured.

  4. WLAN gt; Advanced properties are incorrectly configured.

  5. Wireless gt; AP gt; 802.11 a/n is incorrectly configured.

  6. Wireless gt; 802.11a/n gt; Network is incorrectly configured.

Answer: C

Question No: 64

Which method is used to shield the client from class 3 management attacks?

  1. client MFP

  2. WEP

  3. WPA

  4. client protection suite

E. 802.1X

Answer: A

Question No: 65

What protocol overcomes the weaknesses of LEAP?

  1. EAP-TLS

  2. PEAP



Answer: C

Question No: 66

A customer wants to use Cisco Prime Infrastructure to manage its current wireless infrastructure. The customer has 4 wireless controllers and 97 wireless access points. What is the minimum amount of licensing that is required on Cisco Prime Infrastructure to support the desired wireless infrastructure?

  1. 4 Lifecycle licenses and 125 Base licenses

  2. 100 Lifecycle licenses and 1 Base license

  3. 100 Lifecycle licenses and 4 Base licenses

  4. 125 Lifecycle licenses and 1 Base license

Answer: B

Question No: 67


Refer to the exhibit. Based on the diagram, what two design requirements must be met? (Choose two.)

  1. WGB is Autonomous

  2. WGB is Universal

  3. WGB can be Autonomous or Universal

  4. Upstream AP is Aironet

  5. Upstream AP is not Aironet

  6. Upstream AP can be any make/model

Answer: A,D

Question No: 68

Refer to the exhibit.


Which three switch port types are valid for these connections? (Choose three.)

  1. access

  2. port-channel

  3. port-channel trunk

  4. trunk

  5. port-channel access

  6. routed port

Answer: A,C,D

Question No: 69

What technology consists of small, low-power digital radios?

  1. LTE

  2. WiFi

  3. ZigBee

  4. Bluetooth

Answer: C

Question No: 70

When a guest client is authenticated, which type of connection is created between the controller-based AP and the client?

  1. as SSL connection

  2. a TLS encrypted tunnel

  3. an unsecured connection

  4. a 802.1x/EAP tunnel

  5. an IPsec tunnel

Answer: C

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