You are gathering competitive intelligence on an organization. You notice that they have jobs listed on a few Internet job-hunting sites. There are two jobs for network and system administrators. How can this help you in foot printing the organization?


A.     To learn about the IP range used by the target network.

B.     To identify the number of employees working for the company.

C.     To test the limits of the corporate security policy enforced in the company.

D.     To learn about the operating systems, services and applications used on the network.


Correct Answer: D




TCP packets transmitted in either direction after the initial three-way handshake will have which of the following bit set?


A.     SYN flag

B.     ACK flag

C.     FIN flag

D.     XMAS flag


Correct Answer: B


















The programmers on your team are analyzing the free, open source software being used to run FTP services on a server in your organization. They notice that there is excessive number of functions in the source code that might lead to buffer overflow. These C++ functions do not check bounds. Identify the line in the source code that might lead to buffer overflow?




A.     9A.9

B.     17B.17

C.     20C.20

D.     32D.32

E.      35E.35


Correct Answer: B





What framework architecture is shown in this exhibit?




A.     Core Impact

B.     Metasploit

C.     Immunity Canvas

D.     Nessus


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following steganography utilities exploits the nature of white space and allows the user to conceal information in these white spaces?


A.     Image Hide

B.     Snow

C.     Gif-It-Up

D.     NiceText


Correct Answer: B




You have chosen a 22 character word from the dictionary as your password. How long will it take to crack the password by an attacker?


A.     16 million years

B.     5 minutes

C.     23 days

D.     200 years


Correct Answer: B




While testing web applications, you attempt to insert the following test script into the search area on the company’s web site:


<script>alert(‘Testing Testing Testing’)</script>


Later, when you press the search button, a pop up box appears on your screen with the text “Testing Testing Testing”. What vulnerability is detected in the web application here?


A.     Cross Site Scripting

B.     Password attacks

C.     A Buffer Overflow

D.     A hybrid attack


Correct Answer: A




What techniques would you use to evade IDS during a Port Scan? (Select 4 answers)


A.     Use fragmented IP packets.

B.     Spoof your IP address when launching attacks and sniff responses from the server.

C.     Overload the IDS with Junk traffic to mask your scan.

D.     Use source routing (if possible).

E.      Connect to proxy servers or compromised Trojaned machines to launch attacks.


Correct Answer: ABDE







Bob was frustrated with his competitor, Brownies Inc., and decided to launch an attack that would result in serious financial losses. He planned the attack carefully and carried out the attack at the appropriate moment. Meanwhile, Trent, an administrator at Brownies Inc., realized that their main financial transaction server had been attacked. As a result of the attack, the server crashed and Trent needed to reboot the system, as no one was able to access the resources of the company. This process involves human interaction to fix it. What kind of Denial of Service attack was best illustrated in the scenario above?


A.     Simple DDoS attack.

B.     DoS attacks which involves flooding a network or system.

C.     DoS attacks which involves crashing a network or system.

D.     DoS attacks which is done accidentally or deliberately.


Correct Answer: C




Johnny is a member of the hacking group Orpheus1. He is currently working on breaking into the Department of Defense’s front end Exchange Server. He was able to get into the server, located in a DMZ, by using an unused service account that had a very weak password that he was able to guess. Johnny wants to crack the administrator password, but does not have a lot of time to crack it. He wants to use a tool that already has the LM hashes computed for all possible permutations of the administrator password. What tool would be best used to accomplish this?


A.     SMBCrack

B.     SmurfCrack

C.     PSCrack

D.     RainbowTables


Correct Answer: D


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