To see how some of the hosts on your network react, Winston sends out SYN packets to an IP range. A number of IPs respond with a SYN/ACK response. Before the connection is established he sends RST packets to those hosts to stop the session. Winston has done this to see how his intrusion detection system will log the traffic. What type of scan is Winston attempting here?


A.     Winston is attempting to find live hosts on your company’s network by using an XMAS scan.

B.     He is utilizing a SYN scan to find live hosts that are listening on your network.

C.     This type of scan he is using is called a NULL scan.

D.     He is using a half-open scan to find live hosts on your network.


Correct Answer: D




John runs a Web server, IDS and firewall on his network. Recently his Web server has been under constant hacking attacks. He looks up the IDS log files and sees no intrusion attempts but the Web server constantly locks up and needs rebooting due to various brute force and buffer overflow attacks but still the IDS alerts no intrusion whatsoever. John becomes suspicious and views the Firewall logs and he notices huge SSL connections constantly hitting his Web server. Hackers have been using the encrypted HTTPS protocol to send exploits to the Web server and that was the reason the IDS did not detect the intrusions. How would John protect his network from these types of attacks?


A.     Install a proxy server and terminate SSL at the proxy.

B.     Enable the IDS to filter encrypted HTTPS traffic.

C.     Install a hardware SSL “accelerator” and terminate SSL at this layer.

D.     Enable the Firewall to filter encrypted HTTPS traffic.


Correct Answer: AC




Jane wishes to forward X-Windows traffic to a remote host as well as POP3 traffic. She is worried that adversaries might be monitoring the communication link and could inspect captured traffic. She would like to tunnel the information to the remote end but does not have VPN capabilities to do so. Which of the following tools can she use to protect the link?


A.     MD5

B.     PGP

C.     RSA

D.     SSH


Correct Answer: D


NTP allows you to set the clocks on your systems very accurately, to within 100ms and sometimes-even 10ms. Knowing the exact time is extremely important for enterprise security. Various security protocols depend on an accurate source of time information in order to prevent “playback” attacks. These protocols tag their communications with the current time, to prevent attackers from replaying the same communications, e.g., a login/password interaction or even an entire communication, at a later date. One can circumvent this tagging, if the clock can be set back to the time the communication was recorded. An attacker attempts to try corrupting the clocks on devices on your network. You run Wireshark to detect the NTP traffic to see if there are any irregularities on the network. What port number you should enable in Wireshark display filter to view NTP packets?


A.     TCP Port 124

B.     UDP Port 125

C.     UDP Port 123

D.     TCP Port 126


Correct Answer: C




Bill is a security analyst for his company. All the switches used in the company’s office are Cisco switches. Bill wants to make sure all switches are safe from ARP poisoning. How can Bill accomplish this?


A.     Bill can use the command: ip dhcp snooping.

B.     Bill can use the command: no ip snoop.

C.     Bill could use the command: ip arp no flood.

D.     He could use the command: ip arp no snoop.


Correct Answer: A















You generate MD5 128-bit hash on all files and folders on your computer to keep a baseline check for security reasons. What is the length of the MD5 hash?




A.     32 character

B.     64 byte

C.     48 char

D.     128 kb


Correct Answer: A




Which type of password cracking technique works like dictionary attack but adds some numbers and symbols to the words from the dictionary and tries to crack the password?


A.     Dictionary attack

B.     Brute forcing attack

C.     Hybrid attack

D.     Syllable attack

E.      Rule-based attack


Correct Answer: C







What command would you type to OS fingerprint a server using the command line?













Correct Answer: C




What do you call a pre-computed hash?


A.     Sun tables

B.     Apple tables

C.     Rainbow tables

Moon tables


Correct Answer: C


Why attackers use proxy servers?


A.     To ensure the exploits used in the attacks always flip reverse vectors.

B.     Faster bandwidth performance and increase in attack speed.

C.     Interrupt the remote victim’s network traffic and reroute the packets to attackers machine.

D.     To hide the source IP address so that an attacker can hack without any legal corollary.


Correct Answer: D


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