Bruce King is using the nslookup command to craft queries to list all DNS information (such as Name Servers, host names, MX records, CNAME records, glue records (delegation for child Domains), zone serial number, TimeToLive (TTL) records, etc) for a Domain. What do you think Bruce King is trying to accomplish? Select the best answer.


A.     A zone harvesting

B.     A zone transfer

C.     A zone update

D.     A zone estimate


Correct Answer: B




A zone file consists of which of the following Resource Records (RRs)?


A.     DNS, NS, AXFR, and MX records.

B.     DNS, NS, PTR, and MX records.

C.     SOA, NS, AXFR, and MX records.

D.     SOA, NS, A, and MX records.


Correct Answer: D




Let’s imagine three companies (A, B and C), all competing in a challenging global environment. Company A and B are working together in developing a product that will generate a major competitive advantage for them. Company A has a secure DNS server while company B has a DNS server vulnerable to spoofing. With a spoofing attack on the DNS server of company B, company C gains access to outgoing e-mails from company B. How do you prevent DNS spoofing? (Select the Best Answer.)


A.     Install DNS logger and track vulnerable packets.

B.     Disable DNS timeouts.

C.     Install DNS Anti-spoofing.

D.     Disable DNS Zone Transfer.


Correct Answer: C




Which DNS resource record can indicate how long any “DNS poisoning” could last?


A.     MX

B.     SOA

C.     NS



Correct Answer: B




Joseph was the Web site administrator for the Mason Insurance in New York, who’s main Web site was located at www.masonins.com. Joseph uses his laptop computer regularly to administer the Web site.


One night, Joseph received an urgent phone call from his friend, Smith. According to Smith, the main Mason Insurance web site had been vandalized! All of its normal content was removed and replaced with an attacker’s message ”Hacker Message: You are dead! Freaks!


From his office, which was directly connected to Mason Insurance’s internal network, Joseph surfed to the Web site using his laptop. In his browser, the Web site looked completely intact. No changes were apparent. Joseph called a friend of his at his home to help troubleshoot the problem. The Web site appeared defaced when his friend visited using his DSL connection. So, while Smith and his friend could see the defaced page, Joseph saw the intact Mason Insurance web site. To help make sense of this problem, Joseph decided to access the Web site using his dial-up ISP. He disconnected his laptop from the corporate internal network and used his modem to dial up the same ISP used by Smith.


After his modem connected, he quickly typed www.masonins.com in his browser to reveal the following web page:


H@cker Mess@ge:

Y0u @re De@d! Fre@ks!


After seeing the defaced Web site, he disconnected his dial-up line, reconnected to the internal network, and used Secure Shell (SSH) to log in directly to the Web server. He ran Tripwire against the entire Web site, and determined that every system file and all the Web content on the server were intact. How did the attacker accomplish this hack?


A.     ARP spoofing

B.     SQL injection

C.     DNS poisoning

D.     Routing table injection

Correct Answer: C




Which of the following tools are used for enumeration? (Choose three.)


A.     SolarWinds


C.     Cheops


E.      DumpSec


Correct Answer: BDE




What did the following commands determine?


C: user2sid earth guest


C: sid2user 5 21 343818398 789336058 1343024091 500

Name is Joe

Domain is EARTH


A.     That the Joe account has a SID of 500.

B.     These commands demonstrate that the guest account has NOT been disabled.

C.     These commands demonstrate that the guest account has been disabled.

D.     That the true administrator is Joe.

E.      Issued alone, these commands prove nothing.


Correct Answer: D




Which definition among those given below best describes a covert channel?


A.     A server program using a port that is not well known.

B.     Making use of a protocol in a way it is not intended to be used.

C.     It is the multiplexing taking place on a communication link.

D.     It is one of the weak channels used by WEP which makes it insecure.


Correct Answer: B




Susan has attached to her company’s network. She has managed to synchronize her boss’s sessions with that of the file server. She then intercepted his traffic destined for the server, changed it the way she wanted to and then placed it on the server in his home directory. What kind of attack is Susan carrying on?


A.     A sniffing attack.

B.     A spoofing attack.

C.     A man in the middle attack.

D.     A denial of service attack.


Correct Answer: C




Eric has discovered a fantastic package of tools named Dsniff on the Internet. He has learnt to use these tools in his lab and is now ready for real world exploitation. He was able to effectively intercept communications between the two entities and establish credentials with both sides of the connections. The two remote ends of the communication never notice that Eric is relaying the information between the two. What would you call this attack?


A.     Interceptor

B.     Man-in-the-middle

C.     ARP Proxy

D.     Poisoning Attack


Correct Answer: B


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