Eve is spending her day scanning the library computers. She notices that Alice is using a computer whose port 445 is active and listening. Eve uses the ENUM tool to enumerate Alice machine. From the command prompt, she types the following command.


For /f “tokens=1 %%a in (hackfile.txt) do net use * \$ /user:”Administrator” %%a


What is Eve trying to do?


A.     Eve is trying to connect as an user with Administrator privileges.

B.     Eve is trying to enumerate all users with Administrative privileges.

C.     Eve is trying to carry out a password crack for user Administrator.

D.     Eve is trying to escalate privilege of the null user to that of Administrator.


Correct Answer: C


Which of the following represents the initial two commands that an IRC client sends to join an IRC network?


A.     USER, NICK.


C.     USER, PASS.



Correct Answer: A




Null sessions are un-authenticated connections (not using a username or password.) to an NT or 2000 system. Which TCP and UDP ports must you filter to check null sessions on your network?


A.     137 and 139

B.     137 and 443

C.     139 and 443

D.     139 and 445


Correct Answer: D




As a securing consultant, what are some of the things you would recommend to a company to ensure DNS security? Select the best answers.


A.     Use the same machines for DNS and other applications.

B.     Harden DNS servers.

C.     Use split-horizon operation for DNS servers.

D.     Restrict Zone transfers.

E.      Have subnet diversity between DNS servers.


Correct Answer: BCDE











Study the following log extract and identify the attack.




A.     Hex code Attack

B.     Cross Site Scripting

C.     Multiple Domain Traversal Attack

D.     Unicode Directory Traversal Attack


Correct Answer: D











Based on the following extract from the log of a compromised machine, what is the hacker really trying to steal?




A.     har.txt

B.     SAM file

C.     wwwroot

D.     Repair file


Correct Answer: B





The following is an entry captured by a network IDS. You are assigned the task of analyzing this entry. You notice the value 0x90, which is the most common NOOP instruction for the Intel processor. You figure that the attacker is attempting a buffer overflow attack. You also notice “/bin/sh” in the ASCII part of the output. As an analyst what would you conclude about the attack?




A.     The buffer overflow attack has been neutralized by the IDS.

B.     The attacker is creating a directory on the compromised machine.

C.     The attacker is attempting a buffer overflow attack and has succeeded.

D.     The attacker is attempting an exploit that launches a command-line shell.


Correct Answer: D




Why would you consider sending an email to an address that you know does not exist within the company you are performing a Penetration Test for?


A.     To determine who is the holder of the root account.

B.     To perform a DoS.

C.     To create needless SPAM.

D.     To illicit a response back that will reveal information about email servers and how they treat undeliverable mail.

E.      To test for virus protection.


Correct Answer: D




What tool can crack Windows SMB passwords simply by listening to network traffic? Select the best answer.


A.     This is not possible.

B.     Netbus.


D.     L0phtcrack.


Correct Answer: D




A network admin contacts you. He is concerned that ARP spoofing or poisoning might occur on his network. What are some things he can do to prevent it? Select the best answers.


A.     Use port security on his switches.

B.     Use a tool like ARPwatch to monitor for strange ARP activity.

C.     Use a firewall between all LAN segments.

D.     If you have a small network, use static ARP entries.

E.      Use only static IP addresses on all PC’s.


Correct Answer: ABD


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