Which THREE of the following components should you be very careful with, when working inside an Apple portable? SELECT THREE


A. Plastic tab

B. Small screw

C. Ribbon cable

D. Deflection coil

E. Anode aperture

F. Flyback transformer


Answer: A,B,C 

A portable computer’s compact design results in smaller, lighter ribbon cables,connectors, tabs and latches. In addition, some components are more sensitive to ESDdamage. Also, to minimize weight, the casing on some models is made chiefly from plastic. To minimize the risk of damage during repairs, you may use a plastic pry tool, such asApple’s Nylon Probe Tool, to separate plastics and to lift components.




Which of the following would be the most appropriate question to ask FIRST, when gathering

information from customers about a problem with their Apple product?


A. What is the issue?

B. What operating system are you using?

C. Did you turn off the computer improperly?

D. What steps have you taken to resolve the problem yourself?


Answer: A 




A customer claims that her Mac cannot connect to her AirPort Express network at home. Which of the following would be the BEST question to ask her FIRST?


A. Can any other computer successfully join her network?

B. Does your ISP support wireless access to the Internet?

C. What type of wireless card is installed in your Mac?

D. Have you upgraded to Mac OS X v10.7.3?


Answer: A 




When practicing component isolation, which ONE of the following components would NOT be a part of a minimal system configuration for a MacBook 13-inch (Mid 2010)?



B. Logic board

C. Optical drive

D. Power adapter


Answer: C 




Which TWO of the following are clues that may indicate a ‘no video’ condition? SELECT TWO


A. You do not hear a startup chime.

B. You may hear fan or drive noise.

C. You cannot connect to the Internet.

D. The power button or power indicator lights up.

E. The cursor is frozen and the system is unresponsive.


Answer: B,D 




Which of the following is ALMOST CERTAINLY a hardware-related problem?


A. No video at startup

B. Error beep at startup

C. Distorted video at startup

D. Blinking question mark at startup


Answer: B 




Which of the following is ALMOST CERTAINLY a software-related problem?


A. No video on display

B. Single beep at startup

C. No Internet connectivity

D. iPhoto quits when launched


Answer: D 




A customer states that he cannot open a Keynote file. What is the most effective question to ask him FIRST?


A. Can you open any files?

B. Can you open other Keynote files?

C. Is your Mac connected to a network?

D. What version of Keynote are you using?


Answer: B 




To isolate a video problem as hardware or software on a Mac, which of the following steps should you try FIRST?


A. Replace the built-in display.

B. Reinstall the appropriate Mac OS.

C. Verify the hard disk with Disk First Aid.

D. Start up from a known-good startup volume.


Answer: D 




Verifying that a computer functions properly after you repair it ensures that _____. SELECT THREE


A. third-party software is working

B. the original issue has been resolved

C. the computer falls under service warranty

D. the computer will continue to function after the repair

E. no new problems have been introduced during the repair


Answer: B,D,E 



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