A customer would like to transfer a large file from their Mac Pro running Lion to a friend MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard, using target disk mode. The Mac Pro hard drive is encrypted using FileVault 2. Which technique is the best to quickly transfer the file?


A. Place the Mac Pro running Lion into target disk mode then transfer the file using the Snow Leopard Finder.

B. Place the MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard into target disk mode then transfer the file using the Lion Finder.

C. Turn off encryption on the Mac Pro running Lion, when de-encryption is finished place it into target disk mode and transfer the file using the Snow Leopard Finder.

D. Use live partitioning in the Disk Utility to create a non-encrypted volume on the Mac Pro. Copy the file to that volume, then place the Mac Pro into target disk mode and transfer the file using the Snow Leopard Finder.


Answer: B 




You are troubleshooting an application which bounces in the dock for a few seconds, then stops without launching or displaying an error message. What built-in utility is best for displaying application and system messages that are not shown to a user?


A. Logger

B. Console

C. Terminal

D. System Information


Answer: B 




Examine the image above.


If a Mac displays this flashing folder at startup, it ________.


A. is in Internet Recovery mode

B. is looking for a Netboot Server

C. is unable to find a startup disk that contains boot files

D. indicates that the unit has failed to pass the power on self test


Answer: C 




After running software updates, Scott’s Mac mini is hanging during startup at a blue screen. What built-in startup mode might resolve this issue?


A. Verbose

B. Safe Boot

C. Single User

D. Target Disk Mode


Answer: B 




Examine the image above.


What could cause a Mac to display this prohibitory sign at startup?


A. The Mac is not compatible with the version of OS X Lion on the hard drive.

B. The memory is missing or not detected.

C. Apple Hardware test is loading.

D. Failed logic board.


Answer: A 




Mark MacBook Air is hanging during startup at a gray screen. What would you try first to resolve this issue?


A. Single User

B. Verbose mode

C. Target Disk Mode



Answer: D 




Which of the following is the indication that a Mac has completed the hardware stage of the startup process, and the software Startup stage has begun?


A. Boot chime

B. Gray screen

C. Blank screen

D. Gray Apple logo


Answer: D 





A. iMac starts, but hangs after the login screen. How can you easily disable login items to see if they are causing the issue?


A. Hold the shift key at start up to Safe Boot the iMac.

B. Start the iMac to the Recovery HD and reinstall OS X Lion.

C. Hold command S to enter Single User mode, then move login items with the command line.

D. Start the iMac to the Recovery HD, then open the terminal and use it to delete all login items.


Answer: A 




A prohibitory sign over an application icon in OS X Lion indicates that it is ________ .A prohibitory sign over an application? icon in OS X Lion indicates that it is ________ .


A. an iOS application

B. a PowerPC application

C. a Windows application

D. an app not purchased at the Mac App Store


Answer: B 




Jill is developing an application on a shared Mac at work. She wants to keep the app private until she has finished it. Where should she store the application?


A. /Applications

B. /Users/Shared

C. /Users/Jill/Applications

D. /System/Library/Applications


Answer: C 



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