If a customer deletes an application purchased on the Mac App Store within Launchpad, it is removed from their Mac hard drive. True or False?


A. True

B. False


Answer: A 




From the list below, choose two features introduced in OS X Lion. SELECT TWO:


A. AirDrop

B. Spotlight

C. Cover Flow

D. Action menu

E. ll My Files in the Finder sidebar ll My Files in the Finder sidebar


Answer: A,E 




Which System Preference pane allows a user to enable or disable indicator lights for open applications?


A. Dock

B. General

C. Displays

D. Mission Control


Answer: A 




Which of the following is a new feature of OS X Lion that brings together Expos? full-screen apps, Dashboard, and Spaces in one unified experience?


A. AirDrop

B. Launchpad

C. Multi-Touch

D. Mission Control


Answer: D 




Which of the following new features of OS X Lion can be opened using a single Multi-Touch gesture? SELECT TWO:


A. Mission Control

B. Launchpad

C. Spotlight

D. AirDrop

E. Grab


Answer: A,B 




Which statement about FileVault 2 is TRUE?


A. Once a user enables FileVault 2, it cannot be disabled.

B. FileVault 2 can only be enabled on non-administrator user accounts.

C. There is no way to recover data from a FileVault 2 protected volume if the login password is lost.

D. When a user enables FileVault 2, the startup volume is encrypted and access to the volume is password protected.


Answer: D 




Your customer enabled FileVault 2. They have lost their admin password. How should you help this customer?


A. Startup from the Recovery HD and choose the Unlock Disk option.

B. Startup from the Recovery HD and open the Firmware Password utility.

C. Inform the customer that they can unlock their disk using the recovery key created when FileVault 2 was enabled.

D. Help the customer erase their hard drive and reinstall OS X Lion. All of their data is lost if they forget the admin password.


Answer: C 




A customer with OS X Lion installed has decided to give their Mac to a friend. How can they easily erase their hard drive and reinstall OS X Lion?


A. They should use a OS X Lion Install DVD, start up from it and choose the erase and install option.

B. They must use target disk mode and perform the erase and install option in OS X Lion from another Mac.

C. They should start up to the Recovery HD, use the Disk Utility to erase the hard drive volume, then choose the Reinstall OS X option.

D. They should use a Snow Leopard Install DVD, startup from it and erase the hard drive using the Disk Utility. After installing Snow Leopard, creating a new user, and running software updates; they will then download OS X Lion from the Mac App Store.


Answer: C 




A technician suspects that an application preference file is causing the app to crash at launch. Which of the following techniques would be best to confirm the issue?


A. Use a Time Machine backup to restore the entire User folder.

B. Delete the application, reinstall it, then try launching it again.

C. Startup from the Recovery HD, open Disk Utility and repair the startup disk.

D. Use o to Folder…?or the Option key to access the user library, move the suspected preference file to the desktop and then try launching the application.


Answer: D 




From the list below, pick the volume format that is supported in the OS X Lion Disk Utility to password protect (encrypt) an external disk or thumb drive.





D. Mac OS Extended (Journaled)


Answer: D 



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