On a Mac running OS X Mountain Lion, how can you display a list of installed software updates?


A. Open System Information, click System Report, and then in the sidebar under Software, click Installations.

B. Open Software Update preferences and click Installed Software.

C. Open Installer, choose Show Files from the File menu, and then in the Files section under /var/log/, select install.log.

D. Open Software Update and click Receipts.


Answer: B 




In what order do these three OS X components load at startup?


A. 1. Firmware

2. Booter

3. Kernel

B. 1. Kernel

2. Firmware

3. Booter

C. 1. Firmware

2. Kernel

3. Booter

D. 1. Booter

2. Kernel

3. Firmware


Answer: A 




Review the screenshot of a portion of the Disk Utility application window, and then answer the question below.

Which statement best describes the selected question in the screenshot above?


A. It is one of three stripes in a RAID set.

B. It is one of three hard disks in a RAID set.

C. It is one of three file systems on a partition.

D. It is one of three partitions on a hard disk.


Answer: D 




Which of these must you know about a corporate VPN server before you can configure the VPN software on an OS X computer to access the corporate network?


A. If the corporate VPN server supports DNSSEC

B. If the corporate VPN server supports PPPoE

C. If the corporate VPN server supports PPTP, L2TP over IPSec, or Cisco IPSec

D. If network protocols will be encapsulated by the corporate VPN server


Answer: C 




Which process will let you start up a Mac in target disk mode?


A. Hold down the S key on the keyboard while the Mac starts up, then enter the command reboot -target.

B. Open the Startup Disk preferences, click Target Disk Mode, and then click Restart.

C. Start up from the OS X Recovery partition, choose Target Disk Mode from the Startup Disk menu, and restart the Mac.

D. Hold down the Option key on the keyboard as the Mac starts up, until a dialog appears, then select Target Disk Mode from the dialog.


Answer: B 




How do you start up an OS X Mountain Lion computer in Safe Mode?


A. Hold down Shift during startup.

B. Open Terminal, type safe_boot, press Return, and then restart the Mac.

C. Hold down Command-Option-P-R during startup.

D. Start up from the OS X Recovery partition, and then choose Safe Boot from the Startup Disk menu.


Answer: A 




A OS X Mountain Lion computer is connected to both an Ethernet and a Wi-Fi network. How can you specify which interface the Mac will use to access the Internet?


A. Use Internet Connect to select the preferred interface, and disable the other interface(s).

B. Enter a DNS configuration for the preferred interface, and delete the DNS configuration for the other interface(s).

C. Assign a public IP address to the preferred interface, and a private IP address to the other interface(s).

D. Use the Set Service Order action to move the preferred interface to the top of the Service Order list.


Answer: D 




Review the screenshot, and then answer the question below.

If you change the folder privilege for “everyone” to Read & Write, Finder, by default, will change the permissions of items inside the folder to match.


A. True

B. False


Answer: B 




When a user logs in, which task is NOT performed by the user’s loginwindow or launchd processes?


A. Configure input device and system settings according to System Preferences.

B. Launch items in /Library/LaunchDaemons.

C. Launch Login Items specified in Users & Groups preferences.

D. Launch Dock and Finder.


Answer: B 




You started up a Mac from its OS X Recovery partition to complete a task. When you restarted, the Mac started up from the OS X Recovery partition again. How can you configure it to start up from a different volume?


A. Choose Disk Utility from the Apple menu, and select a startup volume.

B. Choose Startup Disk from the Apple menu, and select a startup volume.

C. Choose Startup Disk in the OS X Utilities window, and select a startup volume.

D. Choose Terminal from the Utilities menu, type startupdisk -[volume name] and press Return.


Answer: B 



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