If your IP telephony administrator asks you to configure a local zone for your dial plan to control the volume of calls between two end points in a centralized multisite environment, which two types of Call Admission Control can be implemented? (Choose two.)


A.      locations based

B.      automated alternate routing

C.      gatekeeper based

D.      SRST

E.       Cisco Unified Communications Manager based


Answer: A,B 




Which device is needed to integrate H.320 into the Cisco video solution? (Source: Introducing IP Video Telephony)


A.      video gateway

B.      MGCP gateway

C.      H.323 gatekeeper

D.      MCU


Answer: C




Which statement about enrollment in the IP telephony PKI is true? (Source: Understanding Cisco IP Telephony Authentication and Encryption Fundamentals)


A.      CAPF enrollment supports the use of authentication strings.

B.      The CAPF itself has to enroll with the Cisco CTL client.

C.      LSCs are issued by the Cisco CTL client or by the CAPF.

D.      MICs are issued by the CAPF itself or by an external CA.


Answer: A 




Refer to the exhibit.


IT shows an H.323 gateway configuration in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager environment. An inbound PSTN call to this H.323 gateway fails to connect to IP phone extension 2001. The PSTN user hears a reorder tone. Debug isdn q931 on the H.323 gateway shows the correct called-party number as 5015552001. Which two configuration changes can correct this issue? (Choose two.)


A.      Add port 1/0:23 to dial-peer voice 123 pots.

B.      Ensure that the Significant Digits for inbound calls on the H.323 gateway configuration is 4.

C.      Add a voice translation profile to truncate the number from 10 digits to 4 digits. Apply the voice translation profile to the Voice-port. The configuration field “Significant Digits for inbound calls” is left at default (All).

D.      Add the command h323-gateway voip id on interface vlan120.

E.       Change the destination-pattern on the dial-peer voice 23000 VoIP to 501501? and change the Significant Digits for inbound calls to 4.


Answer: B,E 




Which two have to be defined in the Forward All field? (Choose two.) (Source: Preventing Toll Fraud)


A.      calling search space

B.      destination

C.      partition

D.      hunt list


Answer: A,B 




Refer to the exhibit. With the Mobile Connect feature configured, when the PSTN phone calls the Enterprise user at extension 3001, the Enterprise user’s mobile phone does not ring. Which CSS is responsible for ensuring that the correct partitions are accessed when calls are sent to the Enterprise user’s mobile phone?


A.      the gateway CSS

B.      the Phone Device CSS

C.      the Remote Destination Profile CSS

D.      the Remote Destination Profile Rerouting CSS

E.       the Phone Line (DN)CSS


Answer: D




Refer to the exhibit. You have configured transcoder resources in both an IOS router and a Cisco Unified Communications Manager. When you review the configurations in both devices the IP addresses and transcoder names are correct, but the transcoder is failing to register with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Which command needs to be edited to allow the transcoder to register properly?


A.      The associate profile and dsp farm profile numbers need to match associate ccm 2 command.

B.      The associate ccm 2 priority 1 command needs to be changed so the ccm value matches identifier 1 in the sccp ccm command.

C.      The sccp ccm group number needs to match the associate ccm 2 command.

D.      The maximum sessions command must match the number of codecs configured under the dsp farm profile.

E.       The sccp ccm group number must match the voice-card number.


Answer: B




Which statement is correct about AAR?


A.      The end users sees, “Network Congestion Rerouting?” but AAR is otherwise transparent to the end user and works without user intervention.

B.      AAR will display “not enough bandwidth” on the IP phone while it reroutes the call.

C.      AAR allows calls to be rerouted because of insufficient Cisco Unified Border Element controlled bandwidth to an ITSP.

D.      AAR allows calls to be rerouted due to insufficient gatekeeper controlled IP WAN bandwidth.


Answer: A 




The relationship between a Region and a Location is that the Region codec parameter is used between a Region and its configured Locations.


A.      TRUE

B.      FALSE


Answer: B




An update of the configuration using the Cisco CTL client not needed when _______.(Source: Configuring Cisco IP Telephony Authentication and Encryption)


A.      a Cisco Unified CallManager has been removed

B.      an LSC of the IP phone is upgraded

C.      a security token is added to the system

D.      an IP address of the Cisco TFTP server has been changed


Answer: B


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