Question 101

A Citrix Administrator is managing vDisk replication in Provisioning Services and wants to ensure that all of the versions are replicated to the available member servers. Which three steps should the administrator take to complete this task? (Choose three.)

A. Run inventory on the vDisk.

B. Replicate the following file formats: VHD, LOK and AVHD.

C. Confirm network connectivity among all the member servers.

D. Verify that all member servers’ vDisks are marked with blue checkmarks.

E: Ensure that the streaming service account has access to replicated vDisk files.


Answer: C, D, E



Question 102

What should a Citrix Administrator implement to improve logon times that are being affected by profile size?

A. Logon Scripts

B. Offline profiles

C. Roaming profiles

D. Folder redirection


Answer: D



Question 103

Scenario: A user reports that a financial application is performing poorly. A Citrix Administrator has accessed the server OS machine load evaluator index report from Citrix Director. The administrator reviews the data for the last three months and notices that on the last three days of the month the CPU utilization is trending at 97% while memory utilization is 48%. Based on this information, which two measures could the administrator take to improve performance of the finance application? (Choose two.)

A. Add a vCPU to the virtual servers.

B. Provision additional virtual servers.

C. Add additional RAM to the virtual servers.

D. Move the virtual servers to a higher-performance storage subsystem.


Answer: A, B



Question 104

Which action should a Citrix Administrator take to identify the source IP addresses of external users who have accessed hosted desktops and applications in a XenDesktop site through NetScaler?

A. Configure the Auditing Syslog in the Configuration tab.

B. Download the current trace files from the Diagnostics tab.

C. Monitor the ‘Current ICA connections’ in the Configuration tab.

D. Generate a ‘Current AAA sessions’ report on the Reporting tab.


Answer: A



Question 105

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator creates a delivery group with 20 server OS machines. The machine catalog was provisioned with Machine Creation Services. When viewing the delivery group in Citrix Studio, none of the server OS machines report as registered. What are two potential causes of this issue? (Choose two.)

A. The Citrix License Server is NOT started.

B. The Virtual Delivery Agent is missing on the master image.

C. The server OS machines do NOT have RDS licenses installed.

D. The server OS machines are unable to resolve the FQDN of the Delivery Controller.


Answer: B, D



Question 106

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is planning to roll out a Windows 8 image to different device collections. Each department has its own device collection inside of the Provisioning Server. After restarting, a user reports that they are still receiving a Windows 7 desktop upon logon. The other users are receiving Windows 8 desktops, as expected. What should the administrator check to ensure that all users receive the Windows 8 desktop?


B. vDisk mode

C. vDisk assignment

D. TFTP boot options


Answer: C



Question 107

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to set up a new provisioning environment. The administrator builds and configures two Provisioning Servers to support 200 target devices. All of the target devices are configured to start up using vDisks that are caching in device HD. Network Engineering mandates that the administrator configure the TFTP service and DHCP scope to assign IP addresses to all the target devices. When the administrator tries to start any target devices, the machines hang and show the error in the attached exhibit.

Click the Exhibit button to view the error message.

Which action could the administrator take to resolve this issue?

A. Enable DHCP options 66 and 67.

B. Assign a vDisk to the target devices.

C. Set the firewall to allow UDP 67 and 68.

D. Configure the correct VLAN ID for the target devices.


Answer: D



Question 108

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to manage a lab environment that is being configured to use Receiver for Web. During testing, the administrator finds that a test user is unable to log on to the Receiver for Web, although the username and password are correct. What could be preventing the user from logging on to the Receiver for Web?

A. One of the two domain controllers is offline.

B. An incorrect domain is configured in the trusted domains.

C. The StoreFront website is using an incorrect Delivery Controller.

D. One of the configured Delivery Controllers is in maintenance mode.


Answer: B



Question 109

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is starting up five new server OS machines on a new VLAN using Machine Creation Services. Once the images start up, the servers do NOT register with the Virtual Delivery Agent and do NOT have access to the network. Which component should the administrator check to make sure the Virtual Delivery Agent registers with the controller?






Answer: C



Question 110

In which scenario should a Citrix Administrator configure additional NetScaler session policies in an existing environment?

A. Users need VPN access.

B. User devices need to be scanned.

C. Multiple XenDesktop sites are in use in the environment.

D. Multiple authentication methods are used in the environment.


Answer: B


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