Question 31

Which three 60-minute historical trends can a Citrix Administrator view when using Citrix Director? (Choose three.)

A. CPU usage

B. Machine failures

C. License checkouts

D. Connection failures E: Concurrent sessions

F: Memory consumption


Answer: B, D, E



Question 32

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator replaces the production StoreFront server with a new StoreFront server. Users access their resources from StoreFront through NetScaler. Which NetScaler policy must the administrator modify in order to allow users to continue to access resources securely from external locations?

A. Traffic

B. Session

C. Authorization

D. Authentication


Answer: B



Question 33

The Sales team requests that a Citrix Administrator enhance the user experience on tablet devices. Which policy setting should the administrator enable to meet the requirements of the Sales team?

A. Multimedia Conferencing

B. Flash Content Redirection

C. Windows Media Redirection

D. Launch touch-optimized desktop


Answer: D



Question 34

A Citrix Administrator needs to ensure that individual support teams are only able to control the delivery groups for their units. Which feature should the administrator configure to ensure that the appropriate teams have administrator access to the desktops for their particular unit?

A. Scopes

B. Exclusion filters

C. User assignment

D. SmartAccess settings


Answer: A



Question 35

Which two actions should a Citrix Administrator take prior to deleting desktop OS machines from a machine catalog? (Choose two.)

A. Turn off the desktop OS machines.

B. Place the desktop OS machines in maintenance mode.

C. Remove the desktop OS machines from the hypervisor.

D. Delete the Active Directory account for the desktop OS machines.

E: Enable maintenance mode on the hypervisor hosting the desktop OS machines.


Answer: A, B



Question 36

Which two methods could a Citrix Administrator use to ensure that users are able to launch multiple virtual desktop sessions? (Choose two.)

A. Change the ‘Desktops per user’ setting in the delivery groups settings.

B. Give the user multiple devices so that they can have a session open on each.

C. Create two host connections from the Delivery Controller to different hypervisors.

D. Create two delivery groups from the same catalog and assign the users to both delivery groups.


Answer: A, D



Question 37

A Citrix Administrator publishes an application but receives reports that the application is NOT visible in Receiver through StoreFront. Why is the application NOT visible to users?

A. The application is disabled.

B. The path to the executable is incorrect.

C. There are some user groups NOT assigned to the application.

D. There are NO available server OS machines in the machine catalog.


Answer: C



Question 38

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is publishing a text editor for developers to use when they need to edit their configuration files. The administrator needs to ensure that the text editor launches when a developer attempts to open a configuration file. What should the administrator implement to ensure that the hosted application launches when a developer attempts to edit a configuration file?

A. Application Security

B. Applications Strings

C. Content Redirection

D. Advanced Access Control


Answer: C



Question 39

Which action should a Citrix Administrator take to add pooled desktops with personal vDisk to an existing Provisioning Services farm?

A. Use the XenDesktop Setup Wizard from the Provisioning Services Console.

B. Create the virtual machines manually and import the target devices using a .CSV file.

C. Create target devices in the Provisioning Services Console using the MAC addresses.

D. Enable ‘Auto-Add’ in the Provisioning Services Console and start up the virtual machines from the network.


Answer: A



Question 40

A Citrix Administrator needs to change the port used for communication between StoreFront and the Delivery Controller. Which configuration in the StoreFront Management Console should the administrator modify to meet this goal?

A. Stores

B. Beacons

C. Gateways

D. Authentication


Answer: A



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