Question 41

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator uses Machine Creation Services to provision desktops in an environment. Productivity applications are installed locally into desktop OS machines. The administrator is instructed to update the productivity applications. Which action should the administrator take after updating the applications in order to ensure that users are provided with the updated applications?

A. Update the master image then update the delivery group.

B. Update the machine catalog then update the delivery group.

C. Update the desktops then update the appropriate machine catalog.

D. Update the master image then update the appropriate machine catalog.


Answer: D



Question 42

Users report that when they work remotely on weekends, they experience noticeably longer desktop launch times. Which action should a Citrix Administrator take to resolve this issue?

A. Set peak hours for the weekend.

B. Analyze the logon times in Citrix Director.

C. Schedule the weekend backups to run at night.

D. Increase the number of active machines during the weekends.


Answer: D



Question 43

Which two tools could a Citrix Administrator use to back up XenServer metadata? (Choose two.)

A. Citrix Studio

B. Citrix Director

C. Citrix XenCenter

D. XenServer Host Console

E: XenServer Web Self Service


Answer: C, D



Question 44

Which command enables a Citrix Administrator to back up the XenServer pool configuration database?

A. xe pool-ha-disable

B. xe pool-sync-database

C. xe pool-dump-database

D. xe pool-restore-database


Answer: C



Question 45

Which two steps must a Citrix Administrator take to adjust the size of a vDisk assigned to a server OS machine? (Choose two.)

A. Create a new vDisk.

B. Edit properties of the vDisk.

C. Edit the .PVP file with Notepad.

D. Use BNImage to reverse the image.

E: Mount the vDisk on the Provisioning Server.


Answer: A, D



Question 46

When using personal vDisk, where could a Citrix Administrator find the output diagnostic log in order to see any errors that are occurring?

A. Application Event Log

B. Site Monitoring database

C. Citrix Configuration Logging database

D. A file location determined by the administrator


Answer: D



Question 47

A Citrix Administrator is unable to create machines in Citrix Studio. What are two possible reasons for this issue? (Choose two.)

A. The DHCP Service is NOT running.

B. The computer browser is NOT running.

C. The Machine Creation Service is NOT running.

D. The Active Directory Identity Service is NOT running.


Answer: C, D



Question 48

Which action could a Citrix Administrator take to roll-back changes made to virtual desktops provisioned using Machine Creation Services?

A. Disable maintenance mode in the machine catalog in Citrix Studio.

B. Revert the virtual machines to the previous snapshot in XenCenter.

C. Click the ‘Rollback Update’ option in the machine catalog in Citrix Studio.

D. Rollback to the previous version of the vDisk in the Provisioning Services Console.


Answer: C



Question 49

When users launch their pooled desktops from Receiver through StoreFront, the following error is displayed:

An error occurred while making the requested connection.

Which action could the Citrix Administrator take to determine the cause of this issue?

A. Read the client event logs.

B. Restart the StoreFront server.

C. Check that the SSL certificates are correctly installed.

D. Read the Delivery Controller logs and StoreFront logs.


Answer: D



Question 50

When users attempt to log on to Receiver for Web, they receive the following error: Http/1.1 Gateway Timeout

What could be causing this error?

A. Port 2598 is blocked by a firewall.

B. The configured AppController is NOT reachable.

C. The SSL certificate installed on the StoreFront server has expired.

D. Antivirus software on client devices is blocking connections to the StoreFront server.


Answer: B



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