Question 51

When external users attempt to access a Receiver for Web store through NetScaler, the following error message is displayed:

Cannot complete your request.

You can log on and try again, or contact your help desk for assistance. What is a possible cause of this error?

A. The user licenses on the NetScaler have expired.

B. The SSL certificate on the NetScaler has expired.

C. The StoreFront server CANNOT resolve the callback FQDN.

D. The Secure Ticket Authority has been configured incorrectly on the StoreFront server.


Answer: C



Question 52

Scenario: A company implements XenDesktop. Windows XP users are unable to launch their Windows 8 virtual desktops. They receive the following error:

Error: Please contact your help desk with the following information: Cannot validate SSL certificate. What is a possible cause of this error?

A. Citrix Receiver needs to be updated.

B. The SSL certificate on the NetScaler has expired.

C. The server certificate is NOT installed on the computer.

D. Citrix Receiver is unable to verify the server certificate revocation.


Answer: D



Question 53

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator configures Citrix Profile Management on users’ virtual desktops so that user settings can be retained between sessions. Users report that they have to set up applications every time they launch a new session.

To resolve the issue, the administrator should ensure that the and     the _. (Choose the two correct phrases to complete the sentence.)

A. Profile Management path is correctly configured

B. Profile Management Service is running on the virtual desktops

C. Profile Management definition has been created in Citrix Studio

D. Profile Management .INI file has NOT been deleted from the virtual desktops


Answer: A, B



Question 54

A Citrix Administrator needs to investigate issues related to Citrix Profile Management, which is configured on users’ virtual desktops. Where should the administrator enable and access logging in order to investigate these issues?

A. The Citrix Policy and view the log files on the virtual desktop

B. The Citrix Policy and view events in the System Event Log on the virtual desktop

C. The Citrix Profile Management definition in Citrix Studio and create a new definition

D. The Citrix Profile Management .INI file and view events in the System Event Log on the virtual desktop


Answer: A



Question 55

A Citrix Administrator is unable to create desktop OS machines using Machine Creation Services. What is a possible cause of the issue?

A. Citrix Director is unreachable.

B. DHCP is NOT working correctly.

C. The Machine Identity Service is NOT running.

D. Antivirus software on the Delivery Controller is blocking the creation.


Answer: C



Question 56

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator enables Citrix Profile Management for virtual desktop users. These users are now reporting that their session logon times have become slow. The administrator needs to gather data to resolve the issue. To gather information on the slow logons, the administrator could use or . (Choose the two options to complete the sentence.)

A. Citrix Studio

B. Citrix Director

C. Citrix Profile Management log files

D. Citrix Configuration Logging database


Answer: B, C



Question 57

Scenario: Users report that they CANNOT upgrade their Citrix Receiver to the latest version. An incident ticket has been assigned to a Citrix Administrator to resolve this issue. What could the administrator do to resolve the issue?

A. Edit the Windows Registry.

B. Modify StoreFront Web settings.

C. Install Citrix Receiver using the administrator account.

D. Download the new configuration file using Receiver for Web.


Answer: C



Question 58

Scenario: To ensure security, users who connect to the network from a remote location must be unable to map their client drives and printers. A Citrix Administrator creates a policy that blocks client drives and printers and configures a filter for NetScaler. Which additional step should the administrator take to meet the requirements of the scenario?

A. Configure the user filter on the policy.

B. Add an access control filter to the policy.

C. Ensure that the client is running the latest version of Receiver.

D. Set the priority of the policy so that it is given more preference.


Answer: B



Question 59

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator receives instructions to reallocate XenDesktop licenses. After the administrator downloads the license file, users are unable to connect to the desktops. Why are users unable to connect to the desktops?

A. The administrator specified the wrong Hostname.

B. The administrator reallocated the incorrect product key.

C. The administrator specified the incorrect MAC address.

D. The administrator changed the .LIC filename prior to saving it in the MyFiles folder.


Answer: A



Question 60

Which two tools could a Citrix Administrator use to gather information on why users are receiving licensing errors when connecting to virtual desktops? (Choose two.)

A. License node in Citrix Studio

B. License Manager in XenCenter

C. Historical Trend Reports in Citrix Director

D. Dashboard in License Administration Console


Answer: A, D



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