Question 81

Scenario: A user is unable to launch a virtual desktop through NetScaler. A Citrix Administrator notices a warning on the browser’s certificate section. What are two likely causes of this issue? (Choose two.)

A. The certificate is 3DES.

B. The certificate is expired.

C. The certificate is NOT linked to the root CA.

D. The certificate is NOT installed on the virtual desktop.


Answer: B, C



Question 82

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to use Provisioning Services to create a vDisk from a target device that has the latest hotfixes and security updates applied. The master target device is a Windows 7 virtual machine running on XenServer. What should the administrator do to create a new vDisk from the target device?

A. Run the Imaging Wizard on the target device.

B. Run the ‘Add personal vDisk storage’ wizard in Citrix Studio.

C. Run the target device software to capture the target device hard drive.

D. Use the ‘Export’ option in XenServer to create a vDisk from the target device.


Answer: A



Question 83

Which two consoles could a Citrix Administrator use to back up a XenDesktop database? (Choose two.)

A. Citrix Studio

B. Citrix Director

C. Citrix XenCenter

D. SQL Management Studio


Answer: A, D



Question 84

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator creates a new master image to be used with Machine Creation Services. When the administrator creates a new machine catalog from this master image, the newly created virtual desktops are unable to join the domain. What is preventing the newly created virtual desktops from properly joining the domain?

A. The administrator did NOT run sysprep on the master image.

B. The new machines were NOT able to resolve the FQDN of the Delivery Controllers.

C. The new machines were NOT able to contact the Active Directory domain controller.

D. The master image was NOT a member of the domain before the new machines were created.


Answer: D



Question 85

Scenario: A database server outage occurs on the server that hosts the Provisioning Services database. The database has offline database support enabled. After the database is restored, and. (Choose the two correct phrases to complete the sentence.)

A. all logs will be available as needed

B. the stores will have to be reconfigured

C. status changes to device collections will appear

D. auditing will show only previously recorded administrative actions


Answer: C, D



Question 86

Scenario: Thin clients with locally attached USB HP printers are used in the labs on a university campus. A Citrix Administrator configures the thin clients to connect to server OS machines. The IT director does NOT want to overload the server OS machines with non-native printer drivers. The IT director also wants to control the number of printers in each user’s session. Which two actions should the administrator take to meet the requirements of the scenario? (Choose two.)

A. Enable printer properties retention.

B. Configure Client LPT port redirection.

C. Configure the printer policy to ‘Use Universal Printing Only’.

D. Enable the ‘Auto-create local (non-network) client printers only’ setting.


Answer: C, D



Question 87

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator must provide the IT manager with access to Citrix Studio to audit the infrastructure. The administrator wants to prevent the IT manager from editing configurations in Studio. Which administrator role should the administrator provide for the IT manager?

A. Help Desk Administrator

B. Read Only Administrator

C. Delivery Group Administrator

D. Machine Catalog Administrator


Answer: D



Question 88

Which configuration option should a Citrix Administrator use to keep disconnected sessions open while Citrix Receiver attempts to reconnect automatically?

A. High Availability

B. Load Balancing

C. Session Reliability

D. Secure Ticket Authority


Answer: D



Question 89

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator wants to change Provisioning Services from PXE to TFTP. During the migration on a newly created VLAN, the administrator receives the following error:

Boot device not found.

Which two DHCP server options should the administrator set so that the virtual machines can start up from the vDisk? (Choose two.)

A. 60

B. 66

C. 67

D. 69


Answer: A, D



Question 90

A Citrix Administrator notices that several virtual desktops in Citrix Studio are unregistered. Click the Exhibit button to view a screenshot of the XenCenter Console.

Based on the information in the screenshot, why are the virtual desktops unregistered?

A. XenServer is NOT a pool member.

B. XenServer is in maintenance mode.

C. The virtual machines are NOT running.

D. The virtual machines have been suspended.


Answer: B



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