Question 91

Which two administrator roles must be assigned to a Citrix Administrator to allow the administrator to manage host connections and virtual desktops only? (Choose two.)

A. Full

B. Host

C. Delivery Group

D. Machine Catalog


Answer: B, D



Question 92

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator creates a policy in the Group Policy Management Console and sets the Session Reliability port to 2600 for an Organizational Unit containing server OS machines. The administrator tests the configuration and determines that the Session Reliability port is still set to 2598. Which two steps should the administrator take to ensure that the new setting is applied? (Choose two.)

A. Run rsop.msc.

B. Run gpresult /R.

C. Run gpupdate /force.

D. Restart the server OS machines.


Answer: C, D



Question 93

Scenario: A manager uses an iPad to launch applications using Citrix Receiver from outside the domain. When the manager launches applications the following error is displayed:

Citrix Receiver could not establish connection with remote host. Please contact your administrator for assistance.

Which component could be causing this issue on the iPad?

A. The SSL certificate

B. The version of Receiver

C. The NetScaler session policy configuration

D. The connection performance over 3G Internet access


Answer: C



Question 94

Which virtual machine resource should a Citrix Administrator modify to allow an end user to run multiple single-threaded applications concurrently?


B. vCPUs

C. Memory

D. GPU pass-through


Answer: C



Question 95

A virtual machine has 4 GB of memory and is running a multi-threaded application.

What could a Citrix Administrator modify on the virtual machine to decrease application startup time?


B. vCPUs

C. Memory

D. GPU pass through


Answer: B



Question 96

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator of a XenDesktop environment needs to create virtual machines, associate Provisioning Server target devices to those machines, assign a standard image vDisk and then add all virtual desktops to a PVS-PVD catalog. A custom template exists. Which wizard will enable the administrator to meet the requirements of the scenario using the least amount of steps?

A. Imaging Wizard

B. Auto-Add Wizard

C. XenDesktop Setup Wizard

D. Streamed VM Setup Wizard


Answer: C



Question 97

Scenario: Users in an environment are assigned static desktops with personal vDisks. A Citrix Administrator needs to give a particular user more disk space to install an application. Which two actions should the administrator take to give the user more disk space? (Choose two.)

A. Set EnableDynamicResizeofAppContainer to 1.

B. Set the virtual hard disk drive to grow dynamically.

C. Add a second personal vDisk to double disk space.

D. Configure MinimumVHDSizeMB to the desired size.


Answer: A, D



Question 98

While performing a database backup, the Citrix Administrator needs to locate the database connection. Which command could the administrator use to check for the database connection?

A. GET-AcctService

B. GET-AcctDBSchema

C. GET-BrokerServiceStatus

D. GET-BrokerDBConnection


Answer: D



Question 99

Scenario: A call center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The employees at the call center report lengthy reconnection times after being disconnected. In order to decrease reconnection times for

the employees, a Citrix Administrator must change ,    (Choose the three correct phrases to complete the sentence.)

A. the location of the user profiles

B. folder redirection for the home drive

C. the peak hours to the whole day for weekdays

D. the peak hours to the whole day for the weekends E: ‘When disconnected during peak hours’ to no action

and .


Answer: C, D, E



Question 100

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator updates an existing production vDisk. After promoting the vDisk to production, users report that they are unable to launch Microsoft Word, which is installed locally in the vDisk. Which two steps should the administrator take to resolve the issue as soon as possible? (Choose two.)

A. Delete the latest version of the vDisk.

B. Revert to the previous version of the vDisk.

C. Select ‘Newest released’ from the drop-down menu.

D. Restart the target devices associated with the vDisk.

E: Select the previous version from the drop-down menu.


Answer: D, E



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