A Citrix Engineer needs to update the version of Citrix Receiver for Windows provided by Citrix StoreFront. Which files should the engineer update?

A. Citrix Receiver files on the Delivery Controller

B. Citrix Receiver files in C:inetpubwwwrootCitrixstore

C. Citrix Receiver files for every host in the machine catalog

D. Citrix Receiver files in C:Program FilesCitrixReceiver StoreFrontReceiver ClientsWindows


Answer: D 




Scenario: A Citrix Engineer has updated the XenDesktop master image, which the head office users connect to in order to use Personal vDisk. When testing the new image, the engineer discovers that the Personal vDisk feature stopped working.

What could the engineer do to prevent this issue from occurring during future updates?

A. Ensure that the Update Inventory process is NOT interrupted.

B. Ensure the master image and Personal vDisk are on the same storage type.

C. Ensure that neither updates nor applications are placing binaries in the administrator user profile.

D. Ensure that the installed data on the Personal vDisk does NOT exceed more than 50% of the vDisk size.


Answer: A 




A Citrix Engineer needs to configure high availability using a shared storage repository.

To ensure that the storage repository is appropriate, the storage repository __________ and __________. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.)

A. type has to be NFS

B. should be writeable

C. type has to be iSCSI

D. has to have the required amount of free space


Answer: B,D  QUESTION 74

A Citrix Engineer must configure __________ and __________ policy settings in Group Policy Object. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.)

A. printer redirection

B. client file redirection

C. Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) servers

D. registering virtual desktops with a Delivery Controller


Answer: C,D 




Scenario: A Citrix Engineer has configured external access to Citrix StoreFront through NetScaler and a corresponding store on the StoreFront servers with user validation on NetScaler. When testing the external access, the engineer is able to log on, but receives this error message:

Access is denied due to invalid credentials.

The engineer validates that root SSL certificates are in place both on NetScaler and the StoreFront server.

Which configuration step should the engineer take to solve this issue?

A. Configure STA server entries on the NetScaler virtual server.

B. Upgrade firmware on the NetScaler to at least version 10 build 69.4.

C. Enable the ‘Request tickets from two STAs’ option when creating the store.

D. Add the NetScaler VIP and external access URL to the hosts file on the StoreFront servers.


Answer: D 




Which two steps should a Citrix Engineer perform to conduct a database failover test? (Choose two.)

A. Restart the SQL Server.

B. Take the primary SQL database offline.

C. Execute Get-BrokerServiceStatus on the SQL Server.

D. Execute Get-BrokerServiceStatus on the Delivery Controller.


Answer: B,D 




When the billing and collections department personnel access their desktops from within the internal network, a Citrix Engineer needs to secure the HDX communication, both to and from pooled desktops. Which action should the engineer take to achieve this?

A. Generate new security keys.

B. Assign an SSL certificate to the Delivery Controller.

C. Enable SecureICA in the Delivery Group End User settings.

D. Configure the host connection in Citrix Studio to use HTTPS.


Answer: C 




A Citrix Engineer needs to provide users on the internal corporate network with access to virtual desktops through Citrix StoreFront.

What must the engineer specify in the configuration settings of the store to meet the requirements stated above?

A. Beacons

B. NetScaler

C. Domain Controller

D. Delivery Controller

E. Authentication method


Answer: D 




A Citrix Engineer set up RSA SecureID, and needs to deploy two-factor authentication with Citrix StoreFront and NetScaler to deliver virtual desktops securely to the users.

Which logon type should the engineer configure to implement this solution?

A. Domain

B. Smart card

C. Security token

D. SMS authentication

E. Domain and security token


Answer: E 




Scenario: Some employees at CCH access their virtual desktops from stationary workstations NOT joined to the hospital’s domain. These employees roam between workstations multiple times a day as they move around to provide care for patients. Some workstations have Receiver installed, while others do NOT. Internet Explorer 9 is installed locally on all workstations. Employees have been provided with the URL for Receiver for Web.

Employees who use Receiver for Web are able to start new sessions but are NOT able to reconnect to their existing sessions when they leave a room and attempt to log on from another workstation in another room.

What should the engineer do to resolve this issue?

A. Set the Internet Explorer Security level to Medium.

B. Configure Internet Explorer to run in compatibility mode.

C. Add the URL for Receiver for Web to the host file on each workstation.

D. Upgrade Internet Explorer on all the workstations to Internet Explorer 10.

E. Add the URL for Receiver for Web to the Internet Explorer Trusted Sites zone.


Answer: E 



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