Question 21

Scenario: An architect is designing a NetScaler solution that implements GSLB. The solution must provide StoreFront access through a single URL worldwide and maintain a highly available configuration globally as well as locally. How many StoreFront servers are recommended to implement this configuration?

A. Six, one site for each store

B. Six, two in each datacenter

C. Three, one in each datacenter

D. Four, two in the primary and two in the backup datacenter


Answer: B



Question 22

Scenario: Personnel are being trained using a test XenDesktop site. They must be restricted to accessing this site only while on company premises. Which StoreFront configuration should the architect recommend?

A. Enable the Domain pass-through authentication method on the store.

B. Disable the Pass-through from NetScaler authentication method on the store.

C. Configure the StoreFront servers with a separate store for this site, NOT enabled for remote access.

D. Install a certificate issued by the internal Windows Certificate Services server on the StoreFront servers.


Answer: C



Question 23

Which two design decisions should the architect recommend to improve the user experience? (Choose two)

A. Configure Clipboard policy

B. Configure Drive encryption

C. Configure Flash redirection

D. Configure Media redirection


Answer: C,D



Question 24

Which two manually performed tasks can be streamlined by implementing a Citrix environment? (Choose two.)

A. Database backup

B. Application patching

C. Security assessment

D. Certificate management

E. Operating system installation


Answer: B,E



Question 25

The company’s HDX policies must apply to a pooled virtual desktop environment without affecting any virtual applications.How should an architect apply the HDX policies?

A. By using a SmartAccess filter

B. By using a client name policy filter

C. By using a delivery group type policy filter

D. By giving the virtual desktop policy a higher priority than the virtual application policy


Answer: C



Question 26

Scenario: HR staff have a requirement to print confidential information to USB-attached printers in their offices. Any printer model may be used for this purpose. Which two recommended options should the architect consider for this solution? (Choose two.)

A. Configuring ‘Client printer names’

B. Configuring ‘Auto-create client printers’

C. Configuring ‘Universal print driver usage’

D. Enabling ‘Automatic installation of in-box printer drivers’


Answer: B,C



Question 27

The architect should recommend a Universal License because it is required for   . (Choose the phrase that correctly completes the sentence.)

A. ICA Proxy

B. SmartAccess

C. two-factor authentication

D. SSL access inside the network


Answer: B



Question 28

An architect recommends full SSL VPN connections for remote users. Which type of NetScaler license should be applied for these users?

A. User

B. Device

C. Platform

D. Universal


Answer: D



Question 29

Which action should an architect avoid recommending when designing a monitoring solution?

A. Installing vendor-supplied tools to monitor physical hardware

B. Installing Command Center to monitor NetScaler appliances

C. Installing agents onto NetScaler appliances to monitor utilization

D. Installing Citrix Director to monitor the XenDesktop environment


Answer: C



Question 30

An architect is explaining options for profile management. What is one issue that the architect must address in the current environment?

A. Folder redirection is implemented.

B. Roaming users have local profiles.

C. Startup scripts are used in the environment.

D. PositivelyFinance does NOT work with roaming profiles.


Answer: D



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