An architect upgraded the Secure Gateway remote access solution to an Access Gateway solution. During the upgrade the Web Interface server has been moved from the DMZ to the internal network. What are the advantages of locating the Web interface server in the internal network?


A.      Since the Web Interface authenticates the traffic, authentication traffic reaches the secure internet network.

B.      Since the Access Gateway authenticates the traffic, no authentication traffic reaches the secure internal network.

C.      Since IIS is located in the internal network, this is more secure; a second Web Interface instance can be easily implemented for internal users.

D.      Since IIS is located in the internal network, this is more secure; only one Web Interface instance is required for both internal and external users.


Correct Answer: D




An administrator can use the __________ option in the Web interface Management Console to specify backup URLs for a __________ site. (Choose two)


A.      XenApp web

B.      Secure Access

C.      Server Settings

D.      XenApp Services


Correct Answer: CD




Which two authentication methods require a trust relationship between the Web Interface server and the XenApp Servers? (Choose two)


A.      Explicit authentication

B.      Smart card authentication

C.      Anonymus authentication

D.      Pass-through authentication


Correct Answer: BD




Which is the default port used by the Web Interface to communication with a XenApp Server?


A.      80

B.      443

C.      1494

D.      8080


Correct Answer: A




An administrator wants to allow users to connect to XenApp applications using their mobile device over the internet, without compromising security. Which two steps should be performed to fully secure access to the mobile devices over the Internet? (Choose two)


A.      A secure Access Gateway server needs to be installed.

B.      An SSL certificate needs to be installed on the mobile devices.

C.      An SSL certificate needs to be installed on the Access Gateway.

D.      Pass-through needs to be enabled for the authentication method.


Correct Answer: BC




A users XenApp session is in an unresponsive state. The administrator attempted logging the user out using the Delivery Services Console. However, there is still an unresponsive process running inside the user’s session preventing the user from completely logging out. What can the administrator do to resolve the issue and fully log off the user, without impacting other users in the server?


A.      Reboot the server.

B.      Terminate the remaining process using Delivery Services Console.

C.      Restart the IMA service then log the user off using the Delivery Services Console.

D.      Restart the Remote Desktop Services service then log the user off using Task Manager.


Correct Answer: B




A user is logged on to a XenApp Server. The user is trying to print from the published application. No printers are available in this session. What could prevent printers from auto-creating?


A.      The IMA service is stopped.

B.      The Print spooler is stopped.

C.      Network issues prevent access.

D.      Rights to the printer were removed.


Correct Answer: B




Using a custom load evaluator that utilizes only the Server User load with a modified setting changed to 200, an administrator wants to use the qfarm /load command to see the server load value. What is the value the administrator will see displayed for a server with 17 users with active connections and one disconnected session?


A.      850

B.      900

C.      1700

D.      1800


Correct Answer: B




A previous administrator implemented proximity printing based on specific printers assigned to user IDs. Users are complaining that they are unable to print to the closest printer when they move to different locations. What does the new administrator need to implement to configure proximity printing to meet the needs of the users?


A.      Citrix UPD

B.      Client printing

C.      Session printing

D.      Citrix Universal Printer


Correct Answer: C




The IMA Service on a server failed to notice an update due to network problems. As a result the local host cache is out of date. Which command can the Administrator issue to force the local host cache to read all changes immediately from the data store?


A.      dsmaint

B.      dscheck

C.      query farm

D.      query session


Correct Answer: B



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