Some users complain that they are unable to access printers in their XenApp session. As part of troubleshooting the issue, the administrator plans to check the security setup. Where would the administrator check to ensure security is configured correctly?


A.      Users Profile

B.      Local user workstation

C.      %systemroot%system32temp

D.      %systemroot%system32spool folder


Correct Answer: D




A user attempts to log on using the Web Interface, however the pass-through authentication fails alter known good credentials are entered from a windows client device. The message reads "An Authentication error has occurred with Web Interface in Windows Server 2008". The explicit logon works correctly with no issues and the administrator determines that the Windows Server 2008 has NOT been configured correctly. Which action should the administrator take to resolve the issue?


A.      Restart the IIS service.

B.      Modify the XML Service port.

C.      Add the user to the administrators group.

D.      Modify the server role using Server Manager.


Correct Answer: D





Which two types of Web Interface sites can an administrator create? (Choose two.)


A.      XenApp Web

B.      XenApp Plug-in

C.      XenApp Services

D.      XenApp Advanced Configuration


Correct Answer: AC




Which three protocols can be used to transport Web Interface data between the web server and XenApp servers? (Choose three.)


A.      HTTP

B.      HTTPS

C.      IPX/SPX

D.      SSL Relay


Correct Answer: ABD




What are two types of content redirection? (Choose two.)


A.      Client-to-server

B.      Server-to-client

C.      Client-to-content

D.      Application-to-server

E.       Content-to-application


Correct Answer: AB




Which two statements about session sharing are true? (Choose two.)


A.      Session sharing does not take precedence over load balancing settings.

B.      All applications in a shared session must be published with the same settings.

C.      Session sharing is a mode in which more than one hosted application runs on a single connection.

D.      Session sharing is a mode in which more than one user can access the same hosted application in a single session.


Correct Answer: BC




Which two statements regarding the Citrix offline plug-in are accurate? (Choose two.)


A.      The offline plug-in is invisible to the user.

B.      The offline plug-in runs as a service on the client device.

C.      The offline plug-in determines the application delivery mode.

D.      The offline plug-in is displayed in the Windows notification area.

E.       The offline plug-in can be used in conjunction with a XenApp Web site to access applications offline.


Correct Answer: AB




A profile creates a target based on which four criteria? (Choose four.)


A.      Applications

B.      Operating system

C.      Service Pack level

D.      System drive letter

E.       Operating system language

F.       Files, folders and registry settings


Correct Answer: BCDE




Citrix policies can be created using which three management tools? (Choose three.)


A.      Delivery Services Console

B.      Terminal Services Manager

C.      Advanced Configuration Console

D.      Advanced Group Policy Manager

E.       Group Policy Management Console


Correct Answer: ADE




An administrator can attach load evaluators to which two components in a server farm? (Choose two.)


A.      Users

B.      Servers

C.      Groups

D.      Published applications


Correct Answer: BD



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