Which item is not available as a role in the XenApp Server Role Manager?


A.      Data collector

B.      XenApp server

C.      Web Interface server

D.      Provisioning services


Correct Answer: A




Complete the following sentence. When configuring XenApp, to use an existing license server, administrators enter the license server name or __________.


A.      IP address

B.      license key

C.      MAC address

D.      administrator credentials


Correct Answer: A




Which privileges can be granted to a XenApp administrator account?


A.      Full, View Only, Guest

B.      Read Only, Write Only, Add/Update

C.      View Only, Full Administration, Custom

D.      Create Accounts, Delete Accounts, Update Accounts


Correct Answer: C




Which statement about folders in the Delivery Services Console is true?


A.      All administrators can create folders.

B.      Permissions can be assigned to individual applications in folders.

C.      Folders can be used to delegate the administration of applications and servers.

D.      Changes to permissions on a parent folder are automatically copied to all subfolders.


Correct Answer: C




If IMA encryption is enabled, which effect will it have on the Configuration Logging database?


A.      All data in the Configuration Logging database will be backed up.

B.      Credentials to the Configuration Logging database will be encrypted.

C.      Only an Oracle database can be used for the Configuration Logging database.

D.      Only a SQL Server database can be used for the Configuration Logging database.


Correct Answer: B




Which authentication method is not recommended in secure environments?


A.      Smart card

B.      Anonymous

C.      Single sign-on

D.      Novell Directory Services


Correct Answer: B




Which statement is true when using network address translation in a Web Interface deployment?


A.      The alternate IP address of a XenApp server is included in the client files

B.      The alternate IP address of a Secure Gateway server is included in client files.

C.      The ALTADDR command is used to change the IP address of the Web Interface server.

D.      The internal IP address of a XenApp server is mapped to the external IP address of the Web Interface server.


Correct Answer: A






When the Citrix online plug-in is used to access published applications, which statement is correct?


A.      A XenApp Web site is required.

B.      A XenApp Services site is required.

C.      Pass-through authentication cannot be used.

D.      A web browser is used to communicate with the Web Interface site.


Correct Answer: B




An administrator can manage published content using which node in the Delivery Services Console?


A.      Content

B.      Applications

C.      Published Resources

D.      Installation Manager


Correct Answer: B




When an application set contains a large number of published applications, server desktops and content, how can an administrator effectively organize the resources for users?


A.      Use load-managed groups.

B.      Use the Resource Manager.

C.      Create client application folders.

D.      Create application folders in the console.


Correct Answer: C



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