If a client device is connected to XenApp server over a slow connection and the user is experiencing delayed mouse clicks and keyboard response, which type of session optimization technology should be implemented to address this issue?


A.      HDX RealTime

B.      HDX MediaStream for Flash

C.      SpeedScreen Latency Reduction

D.      HDX MediaStream Multimedia Acceleration


Correct Answer: C




An administrator should publish __________ and enable __________ for users who need to watch videos and require high quality.


A.      Firefox, HDX 3D Image Acceleration

B.      QuickTime, HDX MediaStream for Flash

C.      Outlook, SpeedScreen Latency Reduction

D.      RealOne Player, HDX MediaStream Multimedia Acceleration


Correct Answer: D




Which statement about HDX MediaStream for Flash is true?


A.      It auto-creates printers after the Flash Player launches.

B.      It auto-creates printers before the Flash Player launches.

C.      It forces the Flash Player to start in a high-quality mode instead of the default low-quality mode.

D.      It forces the Flash Player to start in a low-quality mode instead of the default high-quality mode.


Correct Answer: D




Which plug-in provides a self-service storefront for enterprise resources to users?


A.      Dazzle

B.      Online plug-in

C.      Offline plug-in

D.      Communications plug-in


Correct Answer: A




From which component does the Merchandising Server obtain new plug-ins to distribute to client devices?


A.      XenApp farm

B.      Citrix Receiver

C.      The Web Interface

D.      Citrix Update Service


Correct Answer: D



Which component manages plug-ins on a client device, allowing IT to deliver applications and desktops as an on-demand service?


A.      Dazzle

B.      Citrix Receiver

C.      Web Interface

D.      Merchandising Server


Correct Answer: B




Which type of printer is accessed as a shared resource and connected to the network by means of a print server?


A.      Network printer

B.      Client local printer

C.      Server local printer

D.      Client network printer


Correct Answer: A




Which statement concerning printing in a XenApp environment is true?


A.      Auto-created network printers are identified only by their printer name.

B.      Printer properties can be stored on the client device or in the user profile.

C.      Auto-created client local printers are identified only by their printer name.

D.      By default, only the default client printer is automatically created during logon.


Correct Answer: B




Which statement is NOT a benefit of implementing the Universal printing policy rule?


A.      It limits which printer’s users can access.

B.      It reduces printer driver maintenance issues.

C.      It ensures that client printers are auto-created regardless of printer driver availability on the server.

D.      It reduces the size of some print jobs and reduces delays when print jobs are spooled over slow connections.


Correct Answer: A




Which printer drivers are installed by default on a XenApp server?


A.      No printer drivers

B.      HP printer drivers

C.      Universal printer drivers

D.      Those designated during installation


Correct Answer: C

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