An Administrator has been asked to build a XenApp 6 server and make the applications published on it available to the users of a legacy XenApp 5 farm. Which two tasks must the administrator perform? (Choose two)


A.      Create a new farm.

B.      Join the Server to the existing farm.

C.      Modify the Web Interface to see multiple farms.

D.      Create a user policy to allow users to see all of the applications.


Correct Answer: AC




Many users at a company use high-detail images. In an attempt to improve user interactivity when displaying these images, the administrator wants to configure HDX 3D Progressive Display to a high image quality. Which progressive compression level should the administrator select to meet this goal?


A.      Low

B.      Medium

C.      High

D.      Very High


Correct Answer: A




Application A and application B are available on multiple serves. Users access these applications from the Web interface. A user logs in to application A at 8:15am and application B at 9:45am. The administrator notices in the Delivery Services Console that the user has opened separate sessions on different servers. Why are separate sessions being created?


A.      The application were launched more than an hour part.

B.      The application were launched within the same hour-long interval.

C.      The application load evaluator assigned to the application A was reporting a full load.

D.      The color depth setting on published application A is different than on published application B.


Correct Answer: D




Users must have the Citrix online plug-in installed before they try to access published resources from the Web Interface. The administrator created a home page from which users will access Web interface. Which two additional steps must the administrator take to ensure that the plug-in is automatically downloaded and installed for users when they access the Web interface? (Choose two)

A.      Configure the Web Interface to install the native client.

B.      Use command line parameters to silently install plug-in.

C.      Extract the plug-in .MSI files from CitrixOnlinePluginFull.EXE manually.

D.      Add the Site from which the plug-in is downloaded to the Trusted Sites zone.


Correct Answer: BD




Many users in an environment use USB devices such as 3D Mice and Webcams. Some of these users are complaining that their USB devices do NOT work correctly in their sessions. Which two situations could cause the issues being experienced by some users? Choose two)


A.      16-bit color depth is being used

B.      Multiple monitors are being used

C.      High-latency connection is being used.

D.      High-bandwidth connection is being used.

E.       ICA Pass-through connection is being used.


Correct Answer: AB




Doctors at a hospital must be able to start and access an application from multiple locations within the Hospital. If the doctor disconnects from one workstation he must be able to reconnect to the same session from a different workstation. Which feature will allow the doctor to access his session from multiple workstations?


A.      Worker groups

B.      Session Reliability

C.      Workspace Control

D.      Pass-through authentication


Correct Answer: C




An administrator is tasked with providing a solution for doctors to maintain access to visualized applications while traveling. The doctor have high speed access that has intermittent connectivity. Which two plug-ins will be used for client-side application virtualization? (Choose two)


A.      Web Client

B.      Online plug-in

C.      Client for java

D.      Offline plug-in


Correct Answer: BD




An organization plans to restrict Delivery Services Console access to servers in the HR department to the HR administrators group. Which two actions can an administrator take to archive this? (Choose two)


A.      Create a worker group contain the HR servers and remove the non-HR administrators from the worker group permission.

B.      Move the computer accounts for the HR servers to an Active Directory OU to which only the HR administrators group has permissions.

C.      Create an HR servers folder in the servers node of the Delivery Services Console and remove the non-HR Administrators from the folder permissions.

D.      Create an Active Directory security group containing the HR administrators and add the group as a custom farm administrator with access to the HR servers.


Correct Answer: CD




An Administrator wants to use a custom test to monitor server performance with Health Monitoring & Recovery. Where should the administrator store the custom test according to best practices?


A.      %Program Files%CitrixHealthMonTestsCustom

B.      %Program Files%CitrixServer Resource Management

C.      %Program Files%CitrixIndependent Management Architecture

D.      %Program Files%Common filesCitrixHealthMonTestsCustom


Correct Answer: A




Which statement describes virtual memory optimization?


A.      Occurs only on server bootup

B.      Optimizes all .EXEs that are installed on the server

C.      Changes the location where individual .DLLs are loaded in memory

D.      Allocates the same amount of physical memory to each user session on the server


Correct Answer: C



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