Where is configuration logging enabled?




A.      Citrix policy

B.      Farm Properties

C.      Application Properties

D.      XenApp Server Role Manager


Correct Answer: B








How can an administrator determine which Citrix policies have been applied to a specific users?


A.      use the gpresult command

B.      Use the Delivery Services Console

C.      Use the Group Policy Management console

D.      Use the Web Interface Management Console


Correct Answer: A




A payroll application needs to be streamed on the XenApp servers to reduce the time it takes to apply weekly updates. Additionally, a reporting tool has also been streamed to the XenApp servers. Users are now complaining that they can no longer create and open the application files. These files export salary calculations generated by the reporting tool. How should an administrator resolve this issue?


A.      Create a new .MSI package for the reporting tool and publish it.

B.      Create a new .PROFILE package for the reporting tool and publish it.

C.      Create an inter-isolation link between the payroll application .PROFILE file and the reporting tool .PROFILE file with the streaming application profile.

D.      Select a .SAL file on all XenApp servers, select "Open with" and make sure that reporting has been associated with .SAL files. Select "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file"


Correct Answer: C




How can a user return to their local desktop from a published server desktop using a key sequence?


A.      Alt+F"

B.      Alt+ESC

C.      Ctrl+F2

D.      Shift+F2


Correct Answer: D






A Company wants to make a CRM application available to users when they are connected to the network. The CRM application is resource intensive and the company does not want to purchase additional XenApp servers to host the application. Which two tasks must the administrator perform to meet the requirements? (Choose two)


A.      Publish the application to stream to client

B.      Publish the application to stream to server

C.      Install the online plug-in on all client devices.

D.      Install the offline plug-in an all client devices.


Correct Answer: AD




An administrator must profile a company┬┤s HRM application and Adobe Acrobat to separate profiles. The administrator also needs to publish the HRM application and Adobe Acrobat in a manner that allows the HRM application to open the company┬┤s policy and guideline document for reference through the HRM application. Which action must the administrator take to accomplish this?


A.      Publish the HRM application as a streamed application and select "Accessed from server"

B.      Publish the HRM application and Adobe Acrobat as streamed applications and select "Accessed from server."

C.      Create an inter-isolation link between the HRM application .PROFILE file and the Adobe Acrobat .PROFILE file with the streaming application profiler.

D.      Publish Acrobat as streamed applications. Make sure that the users using the HRM application have sufficient rights to use the published streamed Adobe Acrobat


Correct Answer: C




An administrator deployed a new accounting application that uses an ACC extension for its data files on all servers running XenApp. The .ACC extension does NOT show as a file type association option when attempting to publish the application. Why is the file extension .ACC NOT listed as a file type association when trying to publish this application?


A.      The administrator must profile the application for streaming.

B.      The file type association function is not supported for that extension.

C.      The administrator has not run the "Update from registry" option from the Delivery Services Console.

D.      The administrator is attempting to publish the application to a XenApp server that does not have the application installed.


Correct Answer: C




An Administrator wants users to be able to open local files using a published application. What must the administrator do to enable this functionality?


A.      Enable folder redirection.

B.      Specify file type associations.

C.      Add shortcuts to the client device.

D.      Configure Advanced Access Control settings.


Correct Answer: B




An administrator of a XenApp farm needs to configure a profile solution for all users. No Custom user information should be retained anywhere. Which profile type must an Administrator configure to attain the required results?


A.      Local

B.      Roaming

C.      Streaming

D.      Mandatory


Correct Answer: D




An administrator suspects the XenApp farm is experiencing latency. He wants to measure the average client latency during the connection with XenApp server. Which performance counter should the administrator use to monitor this?


A.      ICA Session

B.      Citrix IMA Networking

C.      Secure Ticket Authority

D.      Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server


Correct Answer: A



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