Which of the following accurately describes a difference between GIF images and JPEG images?

A. GIF images support millions of colors, whereas JPEG images support only 256 colors.

B. JPEG images support interlacing and animation techniques, whereas GIF images do not.

C. JPEG images use vector graphics, whereas GIF images use bitmap or raster graphics.

D. GIF images support the transparency technique, whereas JPEG images do not.


Answer: D




Which scenario describes a back-end issue that you must consider when developing a Web site?

A. Your home page presents a lot of small text explaining your company in detail, but no images and no colors other than black and white.

B. Your Web site is easy for users to navigate because it uses familiar conventions and contains no dead ends.

C. Your site uses the most current design trends available, to present exciting content considered fashionable by your target audience.

D. Your Web site contains a lot of images so it is visually exciting but it takes a long time to download each page, even with high-speed connections.


Answer: D




Which diagnostic tool would you use to determine the physical (MAC) address to systems that you have recently connected with?

A. arp

B. netstat

C. nbtstat

D. tracert


Answer: A




Which of the following is designed to help Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) devices communicate with each other, and also provides its own dedicated markup language?


B. Infrared

C. Bluetooth



Answer: D




Which protocol is used to receive e-mail on an incoming server, and allows you to browse and manage e-mail messages while they reside on the server, rather than downloading messages before reading them?

A. Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP4)

B. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

C. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

D. Post Office Protocol (POP3)


Answer: A




Lo-An works as a Web designer for Restaurants Unlimited Inc., a distributor that supplies food to restaurants. Restaurants Unlimited’s customers can now place orders through an online inventory system, which Lo-An and her team designed. Which type of network does this system use?

A. Extranet

B. Local area network

C. Web conferencing network

D. Intranet


Answer: A




Which of the following is the most efficient method for documenting and communicating a Web site plan?

A. Photocopying and faxing sketches

B. Describing the plan orally on stakeholders’ voicemail

C. Posting a large diagram on the wall in a busy office hallway

D. Sending a presentation slideshow via e-mail


Answer: D




Chris works on the Web team for his company. He updates the company Web site at the IP address On Chris’s business cards, he uses the URL www.CIWcertified.com instead of the IP address for the company site. Which technology allows both the URL and the IP address to refer to the same Web site?

A. Domain Name System (DNS)

B. Internet Service Provider (ISP)

C. Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)

D. Network Access Point (NAP)


Answer: A




You are managing an IT project, and you need information about customer preferences. Which of the following stakeholders is best to provide this information?

A. Upper management

B. Web development team

C. Marketing team

D. Server administrators


Answer: C




Maria has filled all the memory space on her hard drive. She plans to obtain a larger hard drive in a month, but she needs some hard drive space now to finish a project. What can she do to free up some hard drive space?

A. Run chkdsk.

B. Compress the kernel.

C. Delete temporary files.

D. Remove the secondary partition.


Answer: C

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