Which choice lists the elements that are necessary for a CGI session?

A. SSJS, CGI script, Web browser and database

B. Web browser, CGI script, Web form and Web server

C. Web form, database, Web browser and Web server

D. Web browser, Web form, SSJS and database


Answer: B




You received an e-mail message from a co-worker. It includes a .zip file as an attachment. The e-mail message explains that the attachment updates a critical flaw in the operating system and provides detailed instructions for installing the program. Which step should you perform first?

A. Open the attached file, which is safe because the e-mail server would have deleted it if it were dangerous.

B. Call the IT department and verify the nature of the attached file.

C. Save the file to your desktop before opening it.

D. Download the same program from the Internet, then install it.


Answer: B




Which of the following is the most popular protocol that provides authentication and encryption for secure exchanges over the Internet?

A. Secure Electronic Transactions (SET)

B. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

C. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

D. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)


Answer: D




As the marketing director for Hot Chocolates Inc., you want to distribute timely information to customers about your company’s products. You want to send product announcements via e-mail to customers who are interested in receiving this information. Which is the best way to distribute this information?

A. Post messages to a mailing list server

B. Post messages to a newsgroup

C. Post messages to a spam service

D. Post messages to a dedicated Web site


Answer: A




Which of the following best describes the functionality of Extensible Markup Language (XML)?

A. XML creates static Web documents and describes visual layout.

B. XML creates content validation in Web documents.

C. XML creates dynamic Web documents with database connectivity.

D. XML creates a language to define context in Web documents.


Answer: D




You received the following file attachments in e-mail messages from unknown sources. Which is the most likely to contain a computer virus?

A. file.wav

B. file.pdf

C. file.avi

D. file.exe


Answer: D




When does a copyright become effective?

A. When the original content is registered with the U.N. Copyright Office

B. When the original content is created

C. When the original content is registered in a UNESCO country

D. When the original content is the focus of legal contention


Answer: B




A member of your Web team is gone on vacation. She made some changes to a Web page before leaving. You need information about the changes she made, but you cannot determine the changes without asking her. How can you resolve this problem in the future?

A. Require team members to document changes with comment tags in code

B. Require team members to validate new code when making changes

C. Require team members to provide evidence of efforts to ensure accessibility

D. Require team members to update the Web site map before vacations


Answer: A




Which device contains a transceiver, is responsible for transmitting and receiving only digital network signals, and can be attached to a workstation via various methods, including Universal Serial Bus (USB) and Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI)?

A. A hub

B. A modem

C. A network interface card (NIC)

D. A wireless access point (WAP)


Answer: C




Which technology is used to create a table in a relational database?






Answer: C



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